The Mango Tree – 3/3


Continued from Part 2/3

And after few days/weeks, when I looked at the branch, there were so many leaves and what was more interesting was, a cat was taking rest comfortably in the midst of the leaves. The cat is not very much visible, but it is right amidst the leaves in the above photo. What a transformation of the branch!!. From being in a dead situation, to grow and provide shelter also, it was a great transformation of what seemed to be a foregone conclusion of defeat, despair.

God spoke to me through this entire episode and built up my faith in particular, to stay in hope for my situation. It was tough scenarios all around, personally, professionally, but still by His grace, He enabled me to stay afloat and be focused on Him. It is all about Jesus, in any situation, any stage. My Lord and Saviour Jesus can bring about the change.

Build yourself inside out – that is very important. I have seen atleast 2 huge trees, may be 5 times the size of this tree, fall down in couple of cyclones and when I saw the tree trunk, it was hollow and no wonder that it fell. While it looked huge and strong on the outside, but it was not strong inside, which caused the fall.

Similarly, being focused on what God has called us to do is the key point of reviving our situations or bringing in hope. It is not that always God will help us achieve what we want to. Surrender to His will. For he knows what is best for us – Jeremiah 29:11

And finally,God blessed me with a splendid opening, all Glory to HIs name. And it all got concluded in the pandemic period, in a very senior level. All Glory, Honor and Praise be to God. It is always all about Him. Not that, always we will get what we want. Be’cos God knows what is best for us. And like the tree above, when we are blessed, we will overflow and bless others also. God has a very definitive purpose in making us wait. What I have learnt in my periods of waiting is, God wants us to teach a lesson (which will be of great help to us in life and for others also) and until the lesson is learnt, the waiting period doesnt end.

And how God will use this waiting period in our life, in the years to come is just unimaginable. I can keep talking about many parts of my life about this. But still when we come across a problem in our life, we tend to focus on that as the biggest of all of our life and lose focus on God and not build our faith. It’s time to build our faith in our time of waiting, disappointment, despair.

Don’t give up, but give it up to God’s Hands

Whenever I had a situation in which I could do nothing, absolutely nothing, I always left it for God to handle. But in situations where I “thought” I had a solution or a way, that is when I tried to act smart. But, if we commit everything to His hands, He can work out His plans in our lives, in every aspect and make it best. Amen.

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