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I wish to share with you in simple words what God has taught me in my workplace.  He has also done great things! You be the judge!! In my current role in Information Technology - owing to my professional certifications and years of experience - I'm expected...

Do not ask “Why me, God ?” rather ask “What through me, God?”

Around 7 months before my wife Susan developed a small cyst in her neck and we initially ignored it as an infection. A few months later another one came up and this time we went to the doctors and after a series of Blood tests, Ultrasound and Biopsy she was diagnosed...

From Disappointment & Rejection to a Miraculous Job in a Foreign Country

Praise God.  I was working in Bangalore in the year 2013.  My company was always paying my salary after a delay. Apart from this, I was going through a phase of disappointments and rejection from my own people without any reason. People took away most of my...

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Tired of waiting for that job?

  • Out of college and covid has thrown a wrench in to yout plans?
  • Lost your job because of COVID or other reasons?

Stuck in mid-life career crisis?

  • Frustrated with your current job?
  • Financial crisis
  • Desire to succeed at work
  • Working on obsolete technologies?

Need someone to just talk to?

  • Stuck with a demanding situation at work?
  • Depressed and need emotional support?
  • Loss of meaning and purpose

The wait is over!!

 You can connect with Compassionate Industry Leading Experts, who can provide:

Guidance on Career Path

Where can you go from here? Hope and help on how you can stay relevant

Help you upskill

Training plan and Opportunities to get practical experience

A Listening Ear

Listen to you in a non-judgemental way and walk together with you

Growing Together

Connect with the leader and others who are on the same path and grow together

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