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Every generation is led by Change Agents who had personal transformation to influence all walks of life.  Various movements shaped the world history in the past 2000+ years and the Church has played a significant role in bringing this transformation with hundreds of men and women who have impacted their generation as part of  their purposed driven lives, either in ‘sacred’ or ‘secular’ way.

With this ongoing transformation process over the years,  Bro. TL Osborn has proclaimed that the ‘Last Chapter of the Church history would be written by Laymen’ and the same message is echoed by Rev. Dr. Billy Graham as ‘ the next might move of the Holy Spirit is among the corporates’

With the rise of Workplace Fellowships in many cities across the world in the last decade, CCF has been founded with the vision of ‘Workplace Fellowship Movement’, and started in Chennai, India as a city based network of working professionals, who can be the ‘Transformation agents’ in the workplaces of Chennai and beyond.

  • CCF – A Workplace Fellowship Movement is in existence since Feb 2006 with the promise verse “….The Lord of Hosts musters an Army for the battle” Isaiah 13:4
  • CCF is having the vision of raising an army of ‘Corporate Evangelists’ who can witness for God with their ‘Work Excellence’ and ‘Spiritual Excellence’ in workplaces.
  • CCF networks with workplace fellowships across the globe to equip believers as ‘Corporate Evangelists’ who can a blessing to co-workers and their employers.
  • CCF is anchored by workplace believers from various workplace fellowships across industries like IT, BPO, Manufacturing, Automobile, Transportation, Energy and Natural Resources, Construction, Media, Banking and Finance Insurance, Logistics, Healthcare and the like – who are burdened to reach their – co-workers, who cannot be reached by any organization functioning outside the workplace
  • CCF enables workplace associates to find workplace fellowship through the Join a fellowship option on the website and also helps form new workplace fellowship, where there is none
  • CCF provides a platform for believers to  write  short messages (Wisdom @ Work) for the workplace and  testimonies of what the Lord has done in their lives to share, across the globe.
  • CCF believes that only the workplace believers can reach out more effectively ‘as Living Witnesses’ to other co-workers in their work  and lead workplace revival and transformation spiritually and economically.
  • CCF is an Inter-denominational, Inter-Ministries and Inter-Missions movement

To know more about this CCF –  Workplace Fellowship Movement, please email to: Contact Us

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