Divine Deliverance from Alcohol Addiction


My life was in a mess in 2018 because of the severe addition to alcohol and subsequently, problems in my marriage life. I used to have an excuse as an alcoholic that I missed my son as I was separated from my family in abroad, and I had to return to India in 2018. My addiction was so severe that I did not know what I was doing. I consumed so much alcohol in a day that I lost consciousness most of the time. This was a daily habit. My parents were affected and my sisters who stayed with their families were very concerned for my aged parents and myself.

Lots of prayers were raised within the family circles and also, I was admitted to rehabilitation centers 4 times and lakhs of rupees were spent on me by my brothers-in-law’s. However, I couldn’t come out of alcoholic addiction, and I became even more worse.  One of my brother-in-law and sister in the US have prayed with me frequently. And my sisters in Chennai prayed along with my parents often with tears in their eyes. I started to asking God earnestly, “Please help me, Lord as I am unable to leave this habit of drinking.”

One of my sisters who is in the US attended an All Night Prayer in her church in Feb 2020 and prayed with burden for me. The guest speaker and the evangelist who spoke on the all night prayer has prophetically told this: “One of you here tonight is praying with heavy burden for your family member in India and God is touching that person and giving deliverance.”  She gladly received the prophetic word in faith and shared it with her husband. Also, they continued their prayers with God’s promise.

During the COVID lockdown, very few wine shops were opened on specific days and if you need a bottle you need to travel to the outskirts of Chennai to buy one.   One day on the 27th of March 2020 I was going to the outskirts wine shop to stock on alcohol. When I was in the wine shop,

“I heard a voice in my ear “GO HOME”!  I first thought it was my imagination, but the voice repeated “GO HOME”!. The voice was not commanding, but the very soft voice gave me trembling fear. I left everything there and took my bike and asked GOD to help me go back home as I was suddenly so scared.”

I came home and went into the room and slept with fear. In the evening, my hands and legs were shaking because of withdrawal symptom (It is when your blood is without alcohol, it wants more). But I did not even have a feeling to have a drink. My dad was concerned that I had too much to drink and that I was shaking. However, I decided not to drink alcohol after I heard the voice and after a week my dad realized that I had quit drinking.

I told this as a witness to my sisters and brothers-in-law’s and praised God for what He done and for all their prayers were answered. To highlight, my brother-in-law who prayed with me, always trusted that with rehabilitation and medication for alcohol I will not be delivered of my drinking habit but only by the Grace of God.

I started to trust the Lord to restore back my life and whatever that I have lost. After a long gap of 10 + years, the Lord has provided an opportunity to work in a small IT company in a miraculous way. Again, I had lots of opportunities to drink but I always refused it by the grace of God, and I even did not have the slightest temptation to have one.

Post to this, one of my sisters in Chennai took me to the hospital to check on my heart, liver as I had severe alcoholic addition and by the amazing Grace of GOD, nothing is affected.

My life changed because of prayers from my parents, siblings and their families, workplace fellowship prayer group in Chennai and my sincere ask to the Lord to change my life; God heard my cry, and He delivered me. I praise God for the amazing things that He has done in my life according to this Bible Verse  :

He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.  Psalms 40:2

I praise the Lord Jesus Christ for the amazing things that He has done in my life and guiding me to live with new hope and confidence in Christ.

If you are going through any addiction in your life, if you can ask the Lord to help. He would deliver you from any kind of severe addiction.

This testimony is from a professional who works as a manager for IT MNC company in Chennai, India.

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