The Mango Tree – 1/3


Have you ever thought of your life as FINISHED, no more hope, gone case, nothing to look forward to, all that I was counting upon didnt come through!!! and on and on…..DISAPPOINTMENT, DEJECTION, DESPAIR!!

This can be in any situation of your life, it can be in health, career, relationship, studies, finances, anything….

The Mango Tree, is a 3 part series of what the Lord taught me, from this tree (in such a situation) and I’m sure that it will be of great encouragement to you. It is my testimony and also my article, which can be practically applied to your life also. Each part is short sized to consume easily.

There is a Mango tree in our house, of the neelam variety and a very faithful tree, yielding its fruit. The flowers come up quite early (even though neelam variety is the last in the season) and usually there are plenty of flowers, may be millions of them, but only few become fruits. Year after year, it produces the best fruits.

Then, one day, one of the main branches of the tree was cut and this is how it looked:

All branches gone, all leaves gone, no more flowers ofcourse. It seemed the end for the tree branch!. At the same time, I was going through a tough time in my career and was very dejected and waiting for some change to happen in my work place or a new job and the wait was on, without any end. One day, I saw this cut branch and realised that my situation in my career was like this – FINISHED!!. The situation looked like no hope for me. It looked like an end, with no where to go.

There was life in the tree, but the progress was cut short. Similarly, you may be in a situation, which looks liked a dead end, looks like no progress can be made, seems impossible to get over it, looks done and dusted without any hope. May be you are at cross roads, not knowing which direction to take.

And all of these was happening to me in the midst of covid and needless to add the stress around that, added to the situation.

To be Continued…..part 2/3

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