Prophetic Word for March 2019


“God says to you this day you are moving from a season of PROCESS to YOUR season of OUTCOME!”

A season of desired outcomes

I will go before you and make the rough places smooth; I will shatter the doors of bronze and cut through their iron bars.I will give you the treasures of darkness And riches hidden in secret places – Isa 45:2-3

The Father says I am bringing you into your wealthy place. Leviathan is brought down this day, says God. The children of pride will no longer triumph over you. Provision is your portion this day. The resources of My treasuries are now available to you. Impoverishment and lack flee away. Fullness and benefit are pouring to supply you. Open your mouth wide in expectation and know that things are changing even now. I am bringing the hand of My favor over you for promotion and for increase. The new is coming and the stale, old religious experience is being swept away. Lay hold on this word and war with this word and it will surely become manifest reality in your life.

You have experienced downturn and you have faced denial after denial says God. All of that changes today. I am bringing you out to the land that flows with the logos and the rhema – the milk and the honey. You will drink deeply and taste fully of My goodness says the Father as you step up to take the land and the territory I have accorded you even now. Are you willing to lay hold on your NOW says the Father? I say to you that you have dwelled in the land of disappointment long enough. You are coming out of the thorny place and the waste howling wilderness. Your feet will walk the pavements of the palace. I will set you before kings and potentates. I have seated you this day in heavenly places in Christ. This is the day that you will ascend in worship and descend in warfare.

Let loose from your mouth this day says God those prayers – those warfare prayers that defeat the enemy and remove him far from your borders and your boundaries. I am bringing up your rear guard and going before you with hail stones, with fire and with vapor of smoke. I will melt the heavens and shake the mountains. I will come down and draw you out of many waters. This is your day of deliverance. This is your day of upturn and ascension. Refuse to accept the limitations of the enemy intended to limit your blessing and rob you of your inheritance for I am with you as the God who wars and in your behalf I am showing Myself strong and mighty to defend you and defeat the strategies of hell against your life.

Courtesy: Feather’s Heart

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