Word: For what benefit is it for a person to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his life? Mark 8:36

Thought: The Lord is very clear on this statement and it is speaking to each of us. When it comes to investing our money, we ensure we do to get the best returns; When we invest in our work, family or self we will invest our efforts to get the best returns, but do we invest on something which is eternal and everlasting or we tend to ignore it most part of our lives? We get closer to the end of our life on earth every moment and there is a life which is waiting for eternity. Are we foolish to invest for the moment and do we  life and cherish life for the moment or be wise and invest ourselves in the Lord. Let us think a moment that every minute of our life we live to gain the world or gain our life for eternity – if it is still the former, let us submit to the Lord this morning and change our lives to live a life which gains for eternity and not for the worldly gains. Let us invest on earth for what is eternal and not on what is temporal and fades away like a flower which is blown by a wind. Let us not be uncertain on this, let us be certain that we have gained our life for eternity and bank on the Lord and grow rich in Him and receive the eternal joy and lasting treasures He has in store for us.

Prayer: Dear Lord, even this morning help us to bank on you and let us invest our lives in you Lord that we receive everlasting treasure from you. Change our minds on the way we perceive our lives and help us to live for eternity in this short life on earth.