I thank my God always when I remember you in my prayers, … 6 and I pray that the sharing of your faith may become effective … Phil v5,6

Paul wrote four prison epistles, every epistle Paul is telling how he has been praying for the people. How could he pray for others when he had lot of needs and suffering for himself? Not once he asked any church to pray for his release from prison. He did not once even write, any sort of suffering or pain he was going through. In chains with two people on both sides how did he even fervently pray.

No man is stronger than his prayer life. Jesus prayed whole night before choosing His disciples, before going to cross, Jesus found the greatest battle in Gethsemane praying. We pray only to give our laundry list of needs to God. When did we weep and cry for lost souls, satan has replaced joy of pray with entertainment. 3 hours we can see tv, but can’t pray for 3 minutes, and still expecting to go to heaven. Its been long time compromising on prayer that we do not know power of kneeling and prayer. Who fooled us that being God conscious in heart is prayer. Jesus slipped out of crowd, set aside, set apart time and place for prayer, how much more we need to pray. People knows the preachers, hell will shiver and know one who pray.

Elijah was a man like us but he earnestly prayer. Oh that we pray earnestly.