Who is your Confidence??


How often have we trusted in ourselves more than God and the voice of others who sounded more logical and practical?. Let me share with you a recent incident that happened with me. The procedure of acquiring a passport is becoming difficult by the day with so many new procedures introduced. I had applied for passport for my kids and never before was there a police verification (their passport has to be renewed every 5 years).

So, I got a call from the police station asking me the location of my house as the police constable was somewhere there. Since I was not in my house at that time, I was asked to bring my kids to the station for their finger prints, the next day. The immediate reaction to this from the people around me –‘it is for the obvious!!! J ’.

So, I have a dilemma now.  Should I believe the people around me (who have narrated all that they had gone through in such situations and with advices plenty and practical) or should I leave it to the Lord?. My only aim was that I should not do anything which was not right, not that I cannot afford it, but it was uncomfortable to me.

As I was driving home at that night – 2 options – should I count on people to get me out of this situation – without parting away with anything and also without my kids having to visit the place?.

OR should I leave it to the Lord to achieve these two objectives of mine?.

My contacts flashed before me – Should I reach out to my retired DIG uncle and ask him whether he knew anyone there (looks very relevant isn’t it?) or can he give me some contacts, etc…etc..I prayed about it and left it to the Lord. I was not going to reach any human!!

The next day, I tried reaching the police constable, who wanted me to give a ring and come, couldn’t reach him and I left alone to the station. I met him there and by God’s grace, he didn’t ask for the kids to come there and instead he asked me to fill the form and get their finger prints. Praise God, one hurdle over.

After filling up the form, I went back and gave it to him, very anxious, he went through the forms and said it is all fine and that is it!!!. My heart leapt for joy, the second hurdle also over as I liked it to be, I came back praising the Lord, who made it possible, when I trusted in Him. Amen!!.

As it is mentioned in the below verses,

“It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.”   Psalm 118:8 

“Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, and whose hope is the LORD.”   Jeremiah 17:7

whatever may be your situation, leave it to the Lord’s hands and let Him be your confidence and not man. Even though the situation may look tough, but we have a God, who is bigger than all the problems and situations of our life.

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