Um passeio com o meu Salvador e Redentor "JESUS CRISTO"


A walk with my Saviour and Redeemer ‘JESUS CHRIST’

Um passeio com o meu Salvador e Redentor “JESUS CRISTO”

I hail from a village in Tamilnadu. The Lord Jesus Christ saved me 23 years back. My mother was possessed by so many evil spirits used by grand father for his black magic works. We were discarded socially, financially and in all the other ways. My father left us, when we were very young. My mother was knocking the door of death with the three children. Day by day the evil spirit’s manifestations worsened and we were literally on the road. When everything and everybody left our life, the loving and living God Jesus Christ was/is present in our life.

My mother got divine deliverance from the devil spiritually and physically. We started our born again Christian life in a small hut. My mother admitted all of us (three children) in an orphanage organisation (CMS) where our physical, spiritual and educational requirements were met. We were blessed a lot by HIS immense grace. My father came back after 13 years. I completed my post graduation with the sponsorship of that orphanage hostel. Now all of us (myself and my two brothers) are well settled by HIS grace.

We gained back whatever we lost. So whatever I received from the Lord freely by HIS grace, I would like to give it back.

Without JESUS CHRIST everybody is an orphan, even though they have worldly parents;

But with JESUS CHRIST nobody is orphan, even though they don’t have worldly parents.

The same Lord Jesus Christ who is your creator and saviour, is very curious to bless U. HE said,” I am the Way and the Truth and the Life”-Jn 14:6

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