The light that touched my life


My name is Jaison and I am a marine Engineer in a Multi-national company in Singapore. Though I was born and raised up in a Christian family, I did not have a personal relationship or experience with God. I used to go to Christian meetings and church services but mostly as a critic and nitpicker. I had this tendency to find faults and attract the attention of others to the errors and flaws I find in others. I used to think and say that Christian preachers and leaders are out there to carry out their own agenda by playing religious tricks with the people and so I had no real value for any such meetings or preachers. Though I had some fear of God deep within my heart, I lived my life in my own ways and gave myself to some bad habits as well.

While I was living my life in the way I wanted, during last December I was invited by one of my relatives to join the program called “Light of the City”. It was a Christmas celebration program organized by PROFIT on Dec 2009. If it were a prayer meeting or a church gathering, I would not have attended it. Since it was just a Christmas celebration event and dinner, I agreed to go and attend it for the sake of his invitation. I went there, though reluctantly, but as usual with the intention of finding faults and with a critical attitude. While different programs were going on, I was teasing and making comments about what was going on in the stage to the people sitting around me and distracting them.

When the time came for sharing the word of God, Bro. Joseph took the stage to share the message of Christmas. I was once again eager to point out the flaws and faults to prove him wrong. But, I could sense something in the atmosphere at that moment and I could not make fun of the preaching anymore. I was wondering what was happening to me. And I started to look around to see how others respond, because I knew many of them were not Christians and came there for a Christmas function. But they were all so captivated by the presence of God and listening so intently to the message as it was preached. It was a very simple message about the Christmas light and how it can affect the different areas of our lives when we allow the light of Christ to shine into our lives

What touched me most was one of the points in the message “Light gives vision”. As I heard it, I was stirred and questions arose within me, such as “Where am I heading?”and “What is my focus and vision in life?”. I was not able to answer those questions by myself but I knew that God had touched me deeply. But my fleshly nature still remained and so I returned home a little disappointed for not being able to find faults and criticize. Since some members of PROFIT invited me back to the fellowship, I attended PROFIT Engineering fellowship in the following month and I once again went there to find faults as well. It was like a small workshop on “Focus and Goal setting”. Again I could not criticize on what was being shared but rather the same questions arose within me “What is my focus and vision?” “What am I living for?” Eventually through the fellowship of PROFIT members and the love of God I have witnessed in the lives of some of them, I committed my life to Jesus

I became regular to the chapter meetings and God has graciously given some senior members in the fellowship to mentor me and guide me. Initially I had some ups and downs in my Christian life. One day while I was in office, I felt that the Christian walk in this wicked world was so difficult and I could not move on anymore. And I was weary of such a difficult Christian life. Suddenly I could sense the work of God within me and right there, in front of my desk,  I totally surrendered myself (if not abandoned myself), especially my life in the corporate world as a marine engineer, to Jesus with a prayer “Lord I cannot move on anymore in my life without your strength. Please strengthen me” God gave me new strength to move on. Though I had heard about repentance many times, I did not really know what true repentance meant. That was the moment I totally surrendered myself to God and experienced true repentance. From that moment onwards, I know I have been living only by the strength of God and experiencing the love of God and the real joy of the Christian life.

My colleagues and friends started to notice the change in me and I used it as an opportunity to witness about the love of God to them. I no longer take pleasure in finding the faults of others or criticizing others but rather I delight in sharing the love of God with others. The love of God is everything to me and I am not able to contain the love of God that is overflowing from within me. In PROFIT chapters I learn how I can practically live the Christian life and be an effective witness for Jesus in my workplace. It is my burning passion now to share the gospel with everyone in the sphere of my influence and I have been doing it as much as the Lord gives me grace. I really want to testify to everyone I meet in life that the love and joy that I experience now in God is much greater and far beyond comprehension when compared with the little happiness I had in the worldly pursuit of pleasure or career growth. To God be all the glory, Amen!

PROFIT – PROfessionals Fellowship of International Talents is the Corporate fellowship in Singapore and in other countries. If you are in Singapore and want to be part of this fellowship, pl reach out to – [email protected]

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