The God of Glory Glorifies His People


I praise & thank God for blessing me to achieve one of the toughest turnarounds in my life.

I still cannot forget 5th May 2010, the day the turnaround began. I was on a high after successfully completing an audit by a Chinese firm and after several other successes at my work place. I was basking in this success, when I was suddenly called to the HR department of my company & told “Jacob, your services are no longer required by us”

It took me time to digest this shock. After all, I was expecting, if anything “A reward”, for my successes. The signs were there, my assistant was retrenched in February & what made me think, I was above retrenchment?

Just in April, I had paid my son’s school fees for the next financial year after a lot of prayer and thought. I had held on till the last possible moment thinking that if God wants to move my family, He would. And now, no job, stuck in limbo, neither here or there. A thought struck me strong, “Is the God that I worship a liar?”

How could he do this to me? Here I am looked at by people as a leader of the corporate Christian movement & I do not have a job. My testimony was shaken. In fact, at the moment I lost my job, I felt I lost my testimony and with it the power to testify about God to anyone.

I did all I could on my own effort to get my corporate life / career back on track. I approached people I knew, clients I serviced in the past & knocked on every door I could but it seemed that all doors were closed to me.

It was then that my prayer life gave me hope. The ministry, in which I am an active part of, Chennai Corporate Fellowship (CCF), started a telephonic prayer bridge. In every prayer bridge, my fellow corporate prayer warriors prayed for my career in addition to the usual prayers.  My Church (Halluejah AG Church, Pondicherry) too had prayer on almost every day during that period & I was able to participate in most of the prayers.

In one such Church prayer, which was attended by a very few people, a sister in Christ approached me and told me that I should set aside a day of fasting & silent prayer. I just obeyed this Word that came to me through that sister and I set aside a day for prayer. I must acknowledge to you that fasting was easy for me compared to keeping silent for a whole day (9am to 5pm). Though it was tough, “I went through it”. The whole day, I felt God’s presence in the silent place (A Chapel) where I was praying & went home happy telling God that, I was confident He would take care of me as He has always done.

At 7pm, I received a call from one of my superiors in a previous job with whom I had lost touch over the last 4 years. He went on to offer me an opportunity with a leading training company in India as a Freelance Trainer.

Praise God, this was the exact opportunity I was looking for, an opportunity to converge my ministry & my work. God blessed me with a door that opened by His grace alone. I did nothing to get this opportunity; it was opened by God’s grace alone.

Now, the real miracle, 8 days of work exceeds the salary that I was drawing in my previous employment. I had 8 days of training in July & have 14 days of training confirmed for August. Praise God, this is exactly what I wanted, “work to support my family & more time for ministry”

By God’s grace, my ministry is working fine too. God is making more activity in Church, programs & mission trips possible for me as I attempt to make maximum possible use of the free time God has gifted me.

The conclusion of the matter is, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind & soul. Follow his commandments & do his work as much as you can, and goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life”. We serve the God of Glory who knows how to glorify his people. Though I was tested, I just knew that the God I serve will not destroy my testimony. Though I did not have a job I continued to preach and declare in faith that God will transform my situation. In fact, I also delivered a CCF monthly meeting message titled “Transform” in my jobless period. My God did “Transform” everything.

 I Pray God will bless this testimony too to touch many. May the good Lord be glorified in your life & through your life too.

Chacko Jacob

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