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I was born in a small town by name Devakottai in South India, Tamilnadu. At my age of 13, I was not able to speak properly as I had feeble voice and my voice was like a female voice. Everyone in my family, friends, school and relatives made fun of me. That time I did not know Jesus and I didn’t have any relationship with God. I had this voice problem for 5 yrs till my age of 18. At that time I completed 12th grade, since I had this problem I started working as a phone boy in phone call booth and thought that was my life and decided not to do anything else. But, my Mom forced me to study Engineering as she wanted her son to study. I did not have interest as I did not have the voice and even I attempted to commit suicide for so many times and everything failed. I was not able to live and I was not able to die. The shame followed me because of my voice and many started hurting me every day and I lived in shame with pain. I did not know Jesus at that time, but Jesus knew me by name. That is the time I started knowing about our Lord Jesus and came to know that He can heal me even when doctors told its impossible.

I started putting my trust on Jesus and started praying for healing and growing in His Word. Faith comes by hearing and hearing God’s Word! One day my parents asked me to go to nearby city for doing my engineering entrance exam. I was sitting in bus, but fear gripped my heart because of voice problem. I started praying to Jesus with tears I asked God to deliver me, I trusted Him with all my heart and the bus crossed so many cities and around 1.5 hrs passed by, I was traveling with my friend, he called me by name and I replied him with a brand new manly voice! Glory to God!!! Jesus strengthened me with healing and wisdom to speak and study well. I was perfectly healed!!! We no need a mediator, Jesus can heal anyone who believes.

I believed in God, He gave me a prophecy through my aunt that I will do Engineering IT and just like that I did Engineering in a big city in India by name Chennai. I was growing in the Lord and God lead me to do ministry in college and in the city of Chennai through churches and organizations for His glory. When I was in 3rd year in 2004, God gave me a prophecy through a sister that He will send me to overseas and use me for His glory. I believed in His Word and I wrote down His promise and started praying for His will to be done in my life for His glory. By His grace I completed college in 2005.

Just like what God said, I got an IT job in MNC company and through that God took me to USA in 2007. Glory to God! He said I will take you overseas and use you for my glory. He took me overseas in 2007 and in 2008, He lead me to create website for His glory!!! He lead me to share Word of God messages and through that God made many American Churches, Indian Churches to come and share Word of God! Glory to God!

Now, I’m doing God’s ministry by sharing Word of God, teaching and preaching. Also, by His grace i’m working in IT for a company in USA. All glory to God! Amen! He will do what He planned to do.

He is preparing me and using me to share across nations for His glory. Let God be glorified and let His will be done! Amen! Please continue to remember me in your prayers. There is nothing for me to boast as everything belongs to God! Amen!

With Love & Prayers,
Albert Samuel

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