Sri Lanka Trip Testimony


This testimony is on the general goodness of God in all the work done by me during my mission trip to Sri Lanka from Oct 2nd to Oct 4th 2009.

– “Praise God”. God relocated Bro.Christie, (with whom I have been involved in CCF ministry) to Sri Lanka 3 to 4 months ahead for his own mission / ministry calling so that he could be the main coordinator of my mission trip. Every single event, my transportation to the events, my food & shelter was arranged by Bro.Christie. I “Praise God” for he works everything in accordance with His larger plan for our lives.

– “Praise God”. Every single need with respect to the finance was met & I was also able to give the surplus generated as an offering for the betterment of Sri Lankan people.

– “Praise God”. Bro.Christie was able to able to meet / reconnect with his friend after a gap of 10 long years during the “Glory of Christ Prayer Church” service in which I was preaching at Wattala.

– “Praise God”. During the course of my teaching / preaching assignments.2 youngsters who had completed Bible College & were now silent (Not active) decided to re-dedicate their lives to ministry.

– “Praise God”. Many Church pastors have decided to encourage & start corporate fellowships among their Church congregations. A couple of pastors have agreed to start fellowships among plantation workers & other similar groups of believers.

– “Praise God”. I was able to sustain energy to preach at 3 Church services and a pastoral committee meeting on Sunday. It was God alone who sustained me with tireless energy during this mission trip.

– “Praise God”. Though I am an unknown person in Sri Lanka , through Bro.Christie & the Lord’s blessing I was able to meet many top Sri Lankan Christian / Secular leaders and meet, fellowship & pray with them. For Ex: One meeting with the committee of the Hatton Pastors Fellowship was in the house of the PA of the Social Development Minister of SriLanka .

On the whole, I can only say that the Lord personally cares for and blesses every single activity carried out under the sun in his name. May the Lord alone be glorified & may every single credit of this successful mission trip go only to him & him alone.

 “Praise God

With Best Regards,

V.Chacko Jacob

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