Seems like yesterday…


by V.Chacko Jacob

  It just seems like yesterday when the last testimony was written on my 35th Birthday & the next is written, just after my 36th Birthday. The year 2009 seems to have flown past at jet speed & 2010 is already rushing at supersonic speed. In this mad rush of time, I just wanted to slow down, take stock & see if I could glorify God in the process.

What happened in the year that flew past? Well, one of my authentic answers with my personal testimony is this: When you make yourself available for God, every opportunity will be given to you to glorify God through the gift you have. He has given me, “the gift to speak well” and likewise, God has given me the grace to finish every single month to use my gift to the best possible extent, either in corporate fellowships and its events, or in other events organized by powerful men of God. Also, I got an opportunity to make a personal mission trip to Sri Lanka to encourage the weary brothers and sisters with His powerful Word. “Praise God”, He has held my throat together & my God given gift never failed me through out the year.

I have had many tests in the year passed by but the good Lord has helped me to get through all the tests with flying colors. Being diabetic, I am prone to blood sugar fluctuations, sudden dips in energy levels & other complications. I want to praise God that out of the 22 days leave allocated to me by my company, I have taken only 5-days leave due to me being unwell. The rest of the 17 days of leave, I could make use specifically for Kingdom assignments (Preaching, teaching, anchoring, etc).

I really Praise God for this miracle in my life. It has been 5 years now since I am taking treatment for diabetes. I have medicines morning & night for controlling sugar, cholesterol & blood pressure but never have I felt energy less doing God’s work. The Lord has always given me an extraordinary strength & energy to do his work. On some weeks, I would work 2-shifts continuously, so that I would avail leave to attend a CCF core team meeting “or” planning meeting over the week end. On some days, after standing for 5-hours continuously, I would go somewhere and preach. On none of these occasions would any one say that he / she felt I was drained of energy. In fact, many who see me associate me with enthusiasm and energy. The Bible does not lie when it says in Isaiah 40:31 “but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint”. My hope is in the Lord & I am renewed with energy to do his work in spite of my physical condition or circumstances.

I know, the year 2010 will also fly past & soon we will be in 2011 before we realize it. At the beginning of 2010, I want to encourage you that in 2010 you must make best use of what God has gifted into you. Use every ounce of your gifting. Be a candle that burns down rather than a candle that rusts away covered with cobwebs. Sing for God, Plan for God, Teach for God, Account for God, Administer for God & simply Rock for God using every bit of what he has blessed into you in abundance.

I wish you a Happy New Year & May God Bless you with a Fantastic & Blessed 2010

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