Promotion in the midst of Recession!!!


2009 has been a terrible year across the world. The Corporate World has seen the worst of times and it has resulted in huge job losses, increments cut, tightening of belts and the like. My promotion was long due and I was hoping for it, when the announcement came in that all promotions, incentives are all being put on hold. God had promised me that He will promote me in 2009, I was wondering how it was going to happen.

By the abundant grace of God, early in the year, we won a new account and we started transition work for it in 2009. In the midst of recession, the account grew by leaps and bounds and things were hectic. Little did we realise that we were in the midst of a global crisis. This is the Lord’s doing. He can make streams in the desert, as He has promised in Isaiah 43:19.

As things improved, my company announced about promotions going to happen. Things were tough, with many more people in the fray. This world will give you any benefit only if they receive benefit from you personally. That can be changed only by our Lord.

I left everything to the Lord’s hands and miraculously I got promoted. Amen. It was purely by the grace of God. He is the one who makes it happen. It is always best to leave it to Him and not worry, as He is in control always. What more, my wife also got promoted as a Senior Lecturer in her college, beyond our expectations.

If you have been going through tough times and not seeing anything coming, just leave it to the Lord’s hands and proclaim His promises and pray and leave it to Him as in Psalm 37:5. Don’t utter any negative words, but always proclaim His promises and pray. As in Joel 2:26, He will never let us be ashamed, but note, His ways of lifting up is entirely different than what the world thinks of. We know that, we just cannot comprehend His plans, but rest assured, He has the best for us always. Amen.

(The Author is a Manager with one of the software MNCs in Chennai – he can be contacted through the Editor (CCF) – [email protected] )

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