Out of Complete Failure to..35 Years of Blessing by the Grace of God


On my 35th Birthday, I was thinking about God’s goodness in my life thus far. I must admit that I have written many articles in the past in several forums both secular & spiritual but I am finding this a really tough article to write; that’s the extent of God’s goodness in my life. It would be tough to list all of God’s goodness in one article but I will attempt to capture the major acts of God in my life in the process of a thanksgiving to him.

I thank God that…

  • Even though I failed in the 12th Standard & Dropped out of college, he gave me the grace to never give up in life & today I am blessed to be a double post graduate degree holder in Marketing & HR.
  • Though I dropped out of college, He gave me the gift of the Holy Spirit& a desire to live while a fellow college student who got 85% marks committed suicide.
  • Though I was never good in academics, I have been blessed by him to always get the right opportunity at the right time and today I find myself ahead in position compared to most people my age.
  • Even though I went through testing times for my marriage, I finally got married to a wonderful woman who best compliments me in life and supports me in all that I do in work or ministry.
  • Though we were tested when we did not have children after 2 years of marriage, today God has blessed us with a son who is bringing joy to my whole family.
  • Though I have been a poor planner in personal matters, in matters of the Kingdom I have been blessed to plan very successful programs, concerts, seminars & other events for Jesus.
  • Though I cannot even read or write in my own mother tongue Malayalam, God has blessed me with grace to stand and teach his word in front of large gatherings in almost every language spoken in South India and in India’s national language.

I cannot thank God enough for the fact that he has raised a complete failure like me to be a shining light for Him. Since Jesus came into my life, I have worked with so many successful and mighty servants of God that I have often asked God “Am I Worthy?”

His answer to me & to all of you reading this message is simple. God loves you enough that He sent his only son Jesus to take your unworthiness and make you worthy.

As I contemplate on my birthday, I am glad to be a shining light for Jesus and I pray that you will all be too.

V Chacko Jacob

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