Our Father knows ..What we want


I was born and brought up in a purely orthodox Hindu Family.

When I was 12 years old, my neighbor used to tell me Jesus stories…At that age itself, I started believing Jesus…In prayers I used to ask that I need to be ranked between 1 to 10….He answered me…Each and every day rolled  with the Belief that ‘Jesus is good….He will hear our prayers’

When I was doing my college…I asked for College first, 92%, University Rank…everything was granted.. I know that ‘I am his daughter’

My parents looked for a bride groom…I handed over the situation to ‘Jesus-the miracle maker’ to take care of it. I prayed to God, ‘Choose me a person whom you want me to get married. I believe in you. You will give me the best. You will do good to your daughter’. My marriage was fixed with a guy who is also bought up from a Hindu family. I obeyed Gods word and I got married.

 After getting married, I came to know that ’He doesn’t believe in God’. According to him there is no God at all.

Two years went on…I didn’t speak even a single word about ‘Jesus’ to my Husband. I prayed to God’ Lord you have chosen this person for me. And you will make him as your son’. Faith increased day by day.

Jesus spoke with my husband through the verses written in Cars or Bikes. He used to read those versus whenever he stood in Traffic signals.

One day he was under pressure in his work…he had to convince his client to get more business. That was the first time he looked to Jesus and prayed…’Lord …Please help me’. In his meeting with client….they accepted the quotation and offered more business. That time onwards he started believing Jesus.

He has chosen me …He knows whatever his child needs.

From a software engineer working in a MNC in Chennai

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