New Grain, New Wine and New Oil…..


New Job offer from one of the Tier -1 company with  100% hike when the IT Industry itself was in the midst-of recession.

I had been working for an IT company for 5  years and had great dreams about building a long career in the same company because I loved my God given job in a specific domain. So, I was working hard for more than 12 hours a day and some times, in the weekends as well, to complete the assignments on time. Since the environment was with healthy competition, I was so optimistic that everything will be taken care by the management and kept on doing my hard work. Above all, I trusted my God for every single matter, that He would take care of me.

Years went on… but the situation kept changing and all of my peers got promoted to higher grades and it so happened that I had to report to my peer who had been promoted.  That time I realized that the promotions were frozen due to recession, for next one year. Hence, I asked for a good long term assignment with my family.  For any onsite assignment selection, I would be given a slot where no one was available for whatsoever reason and it was so much hurting; hence I was praying for a good & long term assignment in any other country. That also didn’t happen and I was at cross roads with much humiliation and distress. Also, I was not sure about what to do at the onset of recession in the IT industry and this continued for more than 5 months.

One of my friends asked for my profile, I shared it just like that. Then, one afternoon in the following week,  one of my colleague shared the Word of God for 10 mins in our weekly lunch time Corporate Prayer fellowship, with the Bible Verse Joel 2:19, “ I am sending you Grain, New Wine and oil, enough to satisfy you fully”. He called out to the 15 member group, that whoever needs, let him / her inherit this new grain, new wine and new oil.  The moment I heard this prophetic voice from my colleague, I took it for me literally and immediately, new rays of hope beamed out of my heart and filled with the joy and peace that a great turn around will happen in my career.

Praise God… unbelievable…. within 2 weeks of time, I got a new job offer from one of the Tier -1 company with  100% hike when the IT Industry itself was going through recession.  It was like recovering the benefits which were lost for many years, miraculously.  Also, the new job was given for me to work in a different domain / skills requirements. God opened a new door for me to work in the domain / expertise that I had in 3 months which was not as per the original plan. This opportunity has given me a greater facelift and helped me to be connected with leading consultants globally in the specific domain across the companies.  Yes… God took care of my every single request, including my interest in a specific domain.

If you are going through a situation of no recognition for your good and hard work or humiliation by politics at your work or your promotion is long pending due to whatsoever reason and the situation is not favorable, let not your heart be troubled (John 14:1) and just make it known to our God (Phil 4:6). New Grain, New Grain and New Oil are there for you!!!… God will open a door for you that no man can shut, @ the right time!!!  Amen!!!.

From an IT Professional working in a Tier 1 IT company in Chennai

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing this. It is very encouraging as I am very much in a similar position and helps me hold on to the Faith 🙂

  2. Your testimony is an encouraging one for others also..Praise God..If possible pl contact me.. Iam going to start a new magazine..this testimony may of useful to my readers also


    • Hi Josephine
      Thanks for comments.
      Can you please share your contact details or email to [email protected] to get in touch with you. Regards
      Samuel J Gamaliel

  3. Truly encouraging!!


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