My release postponed by my God!!!


Praise be to the LORD ALMIGHTY and our loving saviour JESUS CHRIST.

From the time I joined (Feb 2006) as a fresher I have been working for a reputed client in a team of about 16 members. God has been so faithful in my work life. Sometime during the end of 2007 when I just neared 2 years of experience, the Project Lead moved out of the team for a different onsite assignment. Before leaving he called for a team meeting and gave a team structure (drew on the board) to be followed after he would leave. He categorized me with one of the leads and placed almost 8 team members ranging from my own batch mates to some leads under me. I still don’t understand why he did so.

 After he left the Account, nothing was followed as he proposed .But I had to battle some egos and attitudes from my team mates. If I was still able to enjoy the work and retain my peace it was just due my God and the virtue of forgiveness he had planted in me. Few months later one of the offended team member became Team leader based on experience and few others some key roles. Being their turn they tried to arrange for a similar meeting and were ready with their sketch.

 But just before the meeting we all got the news that the entire account was moved to another consultancy. Nobody was really interested in roles and positions and the guy whom they prepared for my role became angry with them thinking that they want him to take a more responsible role only because nobody else would do it for a winding down project. The meeting was a flop.

 In my personal prayers I went to the Lord’s presence and pleaded for a minimum of 10 days stay in bench that might help me spend my time reading bible and worshipping. But the Lord showed me a crew of people plotting against me and he expressed his wrath against them. I just told that I forgive them and pleaded that not one will be held on account of me and slept.

 Few days later the names of people to be released started coming by phases. My name came up in the first phase while my deliverables for an ongoing project were still pending. Well ahead of my release date, I was placed in a new project also. Praise God!!. I was personally convinced by this (God’s decision) for I have known him as a God who never lets me down before anyone. Praise be to my Lord!!!.

 In my new development project I had to work in a new technology SAS. Just by God’s grace I could develop and code from the day 1 in an entirely new language. And my work was well recognized. But after very few months I came to know that the development project is going to get stalled and some billings will get closed. I was also informed that I will get released.

 Couldn’t get much disturbed for I KNOW NO MAN OR SITUATION CAN BE A DECISION MAKER IN MY LIFE BUT MY GOD ALONE. I kept working with good attitude and team relationship. (The Project Lead and few Team mates even personally asked me as to what makes me remain cool. I shared about my faith and was able to glorify God. To my surprise many spoke high of my faith (even few who ridiculed my faith initially since I’m basically from a different faith background) and a fresher even started reading Bible and started coming to my church).

Praise be to God alone. Still no one worked anything to retain me.

When the time came for my release most unexpected people got released and I was not. In this recession time, a billing was added – new module came just for me. I’m still working in the same team.


A software professional working in a multinational company in MEPZ, Chennai

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