Job from His hand….


I want to share my testimony with you people, just to tell you how great and awesome is our God.
I was working on a contract basis for a company and my contract got over on Jan 30/07. And from that time on I firmly believed that God would give me another Job.
I attended an Interview and went through all the rounds they said we’ll tell the results but there was none. And months passed by, I spent most of the time with tears and prayer. I claimed my promises given by the most High.

Every day before I start any work on my computer I would open up the CCF website to check out the verse  and the thoughts for the day. Many times the verse were encouraging for me to hold on to Jesus Christ.

Days passed by and one fine day I got a  call from a MNC stating that there is an opening. I cleared the first round miraculously through prayer. And the following week they had the other round, that was a very critical time for me and I waited on God, for His answer and there were many people who supported me through prayers. And by the end of the day I came home with the offer letter in my hand.

I thank God for all his love and care when I went through the troubled times. There will never be a single person like Jesus who can console you and comfort. Just hold on to him with faith, prayer and supplication.

And I want to lift Jesus High In my life. Praise God….for his mighty deeds!!

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