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I have been in faith for about 15 long years and only recently have I realized that I do not exercise my faith enough. I limit God in my life. But recently God revealed me that anything is possible though faith in God.  My younger brother is a 2009 passed out BE candidate. You all know…how the recession had affected placements in engineering colleges and the worst affected were the 2009 passouts. Lot of hope was on my brother who could not manage a placement among the few companies that came for campus in early 2008. My mother who was struggling to support my family financially after my father’s demise was very depressed. I took the responsibility of appealing to God his case, but somewhere in my heart I knew that God had a beautiful plan for him.

By God’s grace, recently IT companies started recruiting 2009 passout freshers. My brother had applied for the off campus along with his friends, but to our dismay he was not called for the tests for reasons unknown while all his other friends were called. This was the company my brother wanted to get in to and hence he was very much disappointed.  After a few weeks in April, through my husband’s contact we came to know that the same company was conducting walk-ins for 2009 freshers for testing career. My brother has very good analytical skill than technical skills. He was always scary in getting in to programming jobs fearing that he would not be able to perform. So this seemed to be God’s answer to our prayers, if he had gone through off campus, he would have to go in to programming profile. None of his friends who attended the test were able to clear the tests. Those friends were better performer than my brother in college. I insisted my brother to put all his faith in God and perform well. He is quite a shy guy and not a very good communicator and that bothered us more. Whatever may it be, I put all trust in God and sat in prayer and fasting on the day of his test. I was only telling that “God, nothing is difficult for thee, your glory is revealed only in our weakness”.

I kept sending him SMS to call upon God in times of fear. I asked him to keep saying “For this, I have Jesus”. He too felt God’s presence and guidance and to his surprise, he was the only person to have cleared all the 3 written test rounds. He next went through the technical and HR interviews by GOD’s grace. Yes pure grace. That day I experience God’s grace to the fullest. Moreover through this experience, God has revealed me the power of fasting and praying. From that day onwards I have been Praising and Thanking God for the way he has lead my brother’s life. My brother’s faith on God has deepened and I am sure he is going to hold on to God always.

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