Is anything too hard for the Lord


“Is anything too hard for the Lord” – Genesis 18.14

Wondering how? Read further and you will realize how God picked me up from miry clay and put me on the rock to stay.

The God of Jacob did it for me. He is waiting to do it for you.

Looking back

I grew on the Pentecostal doctrine, though being a Syrian Marthomite. The excess spirituality repeled me. Towards the end of schooling I became an atheist. My character transformed me in tto a rebel. Anything below average appeared contemptuous. My stable statement to all believers was, “Those who are weak need God”. Many believers warned me not to let God’s wrath come upon me. But I was young and foolish and would mock anything on spirituality. I emerged as a star in academics and became a focal point for all. Pride took over.

The blow

My career took off to a colorful start in India. I soon explored opportunities overseas. On the day of my first travel abroad, I proudly declared, “I will never return to India”. Subsequently I traveled to various countries, but returned unsuccessful. The situation crushed me and all my egos fell flat. My family upholded me in prayer knowing God will intervene at HIS time.

I humbled myself but did not surrender. I married a dentist filled with the Holy Spirit. I followed the Christian rituals, received water baptism, but nothing changed me. My wife delivered a baby boy and the house was fun. I made my final attempt as a businessman to Dubai, leaving my wife and son behind. I returned as the business failed. The reception I received was worse. To turn my grief into joy I visited my in-laws where my wife and son lived. My wife and son (Kiran) received me with love.

With excitement I flooded my son with questions for which he replied only with a smile. But why was he not answering? I looked into his eyes and shiver down the spine when I notice the expression, I can’t speak. He was 3 years then. I tried making him call “dad” but in vain. My wife consoled me, “Don’t worry, he is yet to call me “Ma”. The beginning of all creations was missing in my son. I was completely blown away. I was in panic and ran from pillar to post, various doctors, speech therapist, specialists examine and gave different versions.

We even suspect he is retarded. I admitted him in the first school where he only slept. The second school admitted him but as a Special Child.  I burned inside ‘why special child’? After six months the school fired him for zero-performance. He began to ventilate his frustrations by crying aloud at times which irritated family members. To control the noise he was given a blow, which only intensified. I defended but in vain. No one seems to understand what he was going through. The more others pited him the more it devastated me. Suggestions and reasons pouredin from all quarters without query.

The Power

Surrounded by problems, I stumbled on a beginner’s bible. I started reading few verses daily. Pastors from different congregation laid hands on my son and prayed. I witnessed no change. One of the pastors after praying remarked  ‘Brother, how much ever others pray, as head of the family you must pray”. As a person who demanded logic, I realized to satisfy my hunger, I must eat. Others can only help. I fell on my knees, cried and prayed to release my son. Slowly I began to see the light of God and His grace. The problems began to vanish and God filled me with the Holy Spirit.

Now I realize that God was watching me patiently as he was watching Jacob .

The Almighty

At the age of 5 he testified in front of thousands in NLAG church about the miracle healing of God. Now, by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, my son is entering 3rd standard as a Normal Child with consistent score of 87%. He stammers occasionally, like Moses, but my wife and myself believe God exalts him in all spheres at  the appointed time.

 All glory and honor to our living god. Amen

 “For Nothing will be impossible with God” – Luke 1.37

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