How to face the pressure at work


I came to know about the real God, only 2 1/2 years ago, through one of my friend. That was the time when we had frequent deaths (both young and old) in our family and we had lost our peace completely. It was so scary and we all were awaiting our turn. Just by God’s grace, I was taken to the church by my friend and his powerful words kept me alive.

And even now I live with the same word from GOD. Isa:60:18: Violence shall no more be heard in thy land, wasting nor destruction within thy borders; but thou shalt call thy walls Salvation, and thy gates Praise.  

For which I extend  crores and crores of  Praises and Thanks to My Lord. God has always kept his promises, still keeping up His promises and will still keep up the promises in the days to come. I’m peaceful here (in US) just with the power of the God’s word believing that my family will be safe. 

These were the promises I got before my US trip: 

“The Lord will guide you continually, and satisfy your soul in drought, and strengthen your bone;”Isaiah 58:11 

 “the Lord crowns the year with HIS goodness”.  Psalm 65:11 

I had lot of debts which almost took my life. That was the time when I got an US opportunity. It was actually for 3 months. But just by God’s grace my stay was extended for nearly 7 1/2 months which helped me in closing a major part of my loan.

I LIFT MY LORD’S NAME ON HIGH for all the grace He has showered on me.

At the work place: 

There were two clients that I worked with in US.

a. A Company at California : I was very much surprised with how God led me through that path.

The people there were very good. Everybody liked me, which surprised me a lot and that is nothing of me but purely God’s grace. I never felt Home sick or left out there. Apart from all the other friends, I had a mother and a sister among them who embraced me a lot.

In work: There were many situations both officially and socially for which I cried out to God asking me to take away from such situations and wanted to just return back home. One other thing that surprised me was on the day that I could no more tolerate the situation and just wanted to get out of there, that I received an email message from my friend about ” How the beautiful pot was made”. It was through a very strenuous and difficult process that the clay turns out to be a beautiful pot.

And that word made me live with the situation.  A thought in me kept saying and I also believed that God wants me to learn to withstand fights and war. All through my past life I was always scared of difficult people and I don’t know how to handle them. I always try to avoid and stay away from them. But this time I was happy that God taught me how to handle them.

I had problems in the initial implementation of our software in the training server which scared me. Through few days of struggles, God finally took me out of those difficulties.  The IT team at the company were very supportive. They extended their support by all means and provided me with solutions that put my work at ease.

Then came the Live server installation. I was really amazed with how God led me through these times.

b. A Company at Colorado :  It’s a new kind of work for me. It was a data migration.  I don’t have any previous experiences in it and I have to handle it individually with the client. It’s  a lot of struggle and for many times now  I would have pleaded God to just do some miracle so that I don’t have to face the bad situation. I went to office every day with lot of fear thinking about what would happen that day.

And I’m very much thankful to God that each of such day is passing by and Lord is still walking me through it. I know it’s nothing of me and I’m just hanging on with God’s mighty strength.

One of the great gifts that I believe being received from GOD is when: I was introduced to a person here in US who works in our US Organization but at a different State of US. There are not many that we would find in this earth, who would truly help people  who are in need. And he was one among the few who would always help someone in need and expects nothing in return.

Throughout my stay in US, I was in the proximity among people who always try to help those who are not in need. 

There were many situations where I was in need of something, but was not helped with even though there were sufficient resources. But God never put me down in those situations. He always provided me with better alternatives for which I extend my praises to God. There were never such situations where I had to satisfy my needs depending on somebody who did not want to help.

I’m happy that I was introduced to this person who helped and guided me for all that I was in need of. I consider him to be the GOD given SPECIAL gift to me and as one among my closest. He was always there when I was in need of something and in my difficult times extending a loving kindness and consoling scene to me.

I thank and praise GOD!! 


This testimony is from a software professional working in Chennai, India and currently deputed to US. She is a great testimony to the toughest situations at work and how they were overcome by God’s grace and His guidance.

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