Healing from His hand


My son (2yrs and 2 months) was admitted in hospital with high fever of 102 degrees on last week of August.

The doctors confirmed it as pneumonia. Though he was put under antibiotics, there was no improvement in his health. The fever was 102-103, it never decreased. We would give fever medicine, it would decrease to 101 but not below, so we would give him a small bath with cold water now and then to reduce his body temperature. 

His hands were poked with needles to send the antibiotics. Since his hand is very small and nerve are too small, that nerve could be used for only 2 days, again they will have to search for another vein and put the needle. Like this his hands were poked more than 10 times. I am not explaining this to scare you folks or to make you sad. But want to share God’s glory here. Each time he is taken inside the room to change the vein passage, I would cry out to Lord not able to bear the pain my son is going through. I would ask God to strengthen him. I was amazed by God’s mercy when one of the Nurses said to me.

“Your son is very bold and strong. He is not afraid of the needle or of the pain. He is really very cooperative. I have never seen a kid like him before.” I knew it was Lord’s Mercy which was holding my son and My Lord Jesus was right next to him to strengthen him and to drive the fear out.

In so much of pain I was not able to pray at all. I would sit to pray but no words would come out, even if it comes it will not be from my heart.  I was just struggling to pray. I would sit down at night after my son sleeps and finish the 1000 praises book, I would recite all possible known prayers but will not be able to bring anything from my heart except tears. But Jesus was merciful. He knew my burden. He accepted even my weak prayer.

More than two weeks we stayed in hospital each day was like hell. No improvement in my son’s health. The doctors said he is having a severe pneumonia, his lungs are affected. He had to be operated and some procedures had to be done in his lungs to cure it.

But I believed in the Living God. I put it in Lord’s feet. I just said to God. “Lord you gifted me my son. You will not take him from me. I believe only in you. You are merciful beyond explanation. You love my Son million trillion times than I do. And in faith I confess you will cure him. He will be discharged from hospital by this Saturday that too without surgery”.

Though I was not praying whole heartily he accepted all that I asked. He was so merciful he heard my feeble cry. My son’s fever just crashed.  His temperature reached normal from 102 and never rose again.  My son was discharged that Saturday and doctors said he does not need any surgery.

Praise God with all my heart and all my life. He saved my son. He also gave a promise for my son.

“With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation”Psalm 91:16

I realized He listens our unspoken words. He knows our each movement. He feels our silent pain.

I know behind my each weak prayer, there was the strong prayer of the Holy Spirit.  He was praying for me. He was groaning for my son, He was interceding for him.

Our Lord is amazing. So next time any of you are in such situation, where your pain makes your prayer weak. Don’t be afraid. For he is always near us to strengthen us.  He has promised

“I will strengthen you and help you;

I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10

One more praise point. By Lords Mercy and Grace we have bought a House in irumbuliyur.  This too was purely a miracle that came down from heaven.

“Praise the Lord our God Jesus Christ!”


This testimony is from a software professional in Chennai

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