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Whenever a trouble comes, I used to say that God is going to add yet another testimony in my life. But this testimony is not the outcome of trouble, but instead to exemplify a tinge of HIS extravagant love. I am proud to share about HIS faithfulness in my life. I am thankful for this revelation that HE has given me -“HIS love can change my life upside down and He can do anything for me because He loves me”. This one revelation has carried me through the times of wilderness and times of joy easily in my life. I would like to write scene by scene and day by day of HIS works in my life. This might make the reader to skip the contents but I would like to write for the aroma of HIS love. By faith it is written as part1 and I am sure there is part2 too.

Testimony from Brisbane: Part1

Whenever an aircraft flew above my head I used to say ‘Lord give me an opportunity to fly in the air’. He answered me. Actually I was recruited for a particular group but this group for which I was recruited was not yet formed and also to prove my confidence level in skill set I was assigned to another group in the same domain. This new group had an onsite opportunity. Even before completing a month, I was asked to travel to Brisbane alone. Although I nodded my head for the onsite assignment I was not dare enough to go alone. On that particular week I got a devotion mail which was written as “Are you afraid to face your new job, new manager and new country, God can have different plans for you in the next minute” (it’s my new job, new manager joined and travelling to a new country). I was not completely ok after I read this devotion because I don’t know about the place I was about to travel, which also included a day’s stay in Bangkok. I was clueless and I was trying to reach my friend who is Melbourne for information but my effort was in vain. I worried a lot and I was not prepared in prayer. But God promised me that “He already appointed the angels in the place wherever help is required for me”. Dear people of God, it was amazing to experience the arrangements HE had done for me. Although many of you might have seen his works in your travel but I can say that GOD arranged this trip is for my RELAXATION!!!

Since I couldn’t reach my friend, the information regarding the city (Brisbane), what to buy & carry for my travel was unknown. It kindled my fear. At that time my friend received a fwd mail from her friend, the originator of the mail id is the FIRST ANGEL as said by God. This Angel doesn’t have the habit of fwd’ing a mail. Praise God she did it on that day.

The Airlines booked a four star hotel in Bangkok, I was not bold enough to go out and apply the transit visa. A man, SECOND ANGEL, who was sitting next to me was flying to Vietnam took me to the immigration point and filled the application form for me and dropped me in the line, said that ‘I can’t come with you beyond this’. My friend, I didn’t share anything with him because he slept as soon as he boarded. I prayed that “Lord I would like to stay in hotel and be in prayer with fasting and I don’t have courage to go out or do something in an unknown country”. HE answered and I spent that stay in prayer.

As a new joinee, I don’t know my colleagues. But they helped me voluntarily .One of my colleague gave his Melbourne sim card and before I started my travel, another colleague who returned from Brisbane told about the THIRD ANGEL. I contacted her before my journey. My Sim card was recharged by first angel before my travel. It helped me a lot to contact the local people as soon as I reached.

When I reached the hotel, FOURTH ANGEL who received me said that “You are tired, we prepared lunch for you” join with us for lunch .Dear reader, he is my colleague who stayed in the same hotel, I didn’t know much about him.  But a very good Indian lunch in Brisbane on DAY1. It still continues by ANGEL3.

I encountered another problem – the adapter which I brought was not an aussie one. I couldn’t work with my laptop. One of the client gave me a UK to aussie converter. In office he is an appointed angel to help me in times of emergency – ANGEL FIVE.  The laptop which I carried over was insufficient in memory for my work. When 6 of my colleagues were upgrading their laptop after through several processes and approvals, I was given a desktop to work immediately and was not allowed to go through the painful process.

FIRST ANGEL’s family called me for a daily prayer although I knew them only by name. We three of us had a good time in the Lord through phone. Second Angel, used to bring me my meal and take me to church and outside the city.

“HE will send His angels to charge over me, Jehovah Jireh Cares for me, For me”

For TWO weeks, the entire team was busy with their assigned work so they couldn’t arrange for my training. When my friends were loaded with work, I was relaxed, and visited as many places as I can. When I was in India, I used to wait for a good morning mail from my friend, although it doesn’t carry anything else, I value it a lot. Due to time difference, I couldn’t receive the same now but now I receive a mail every day morning saying “How are you. Have you had a good sleep last night?” Dear reader, my wishes, desires and childish thoughts are all fulfilled by this Great GOD for the very reason that He loves me.

I don’t have much grocery items to cook, but today my kitchen is loaded with all the items which I need and I didn’t buy them.

On the third day, Lord was asking me “How do you feel about my arrangements?”.

By seeing all these things, my colleagues in Brisbane used to say “you are a lucky girl, lucky face”. But it is nothing but the Hand of God.

Dear people of God, He loves us and he can do anything for us because he loves us. We shall boast in the name of the Lord.

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