God meets all needs….



Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Just wanted to pen down a testimony on God’s goodness.

You are aware of the program that I am being involved in at Pondicherry called “Dr.God – God’s Health Plan For You”

When we planned the budget for the program – The first thing I said to Pastor is that “God will provide for this program & You will not ask anyone in the Church for money to execute this program”. He asked me in return – “You know nobody in Pondicherry; You just got here recently. How will you raise the money for the Dr.God program?”

I told him that the success and testimony of this program will incite / motivate every single person who attends this Church to plan and execute programs for Jesus courageously.

I praise God for he is faithful to reward my faith. Just 3 brothers from CCF & CFG met the entire financial needs of the Dr.God program. In fact we are 20% surplus to the budgeted amount already. “Praise God”

I am sure that by the time the event finishes on March 15th – I will write another testimony on how the Lord answered our prayers and grew the Church we are targeting to grow by substantial numbers.

When I speak on March 23rd,08  “Easter” service, I will testify that I may not know many people in Pondicherry but the Lord Jesus whom I worship – “He knows me, Knows what I need & Why I need it and He always provides for me in abundance”

I will never tire doing programs for the Lord Jesus & I will never tire of testifying how God meets the needs of every single program I do for him.

“Praise God”

Chacko Jacob

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