God helped me build my house!


Unless the LORD builds the house, they labor in vain who build it;

(Psalm 127:1)

I’m working in an IT company in Chennai.  I attend a weekly prayer fellowship that is being conducted by some of my colleagues during the break time, outside our Company campus.

Recently, I had raised a prayer request during our regular prayer fellowship. I had purchased a land to build my house. I had to provide advance money to the Builder.  Initially, the Builder said that I could approach any bank to raise the money. So, I went to a nationalized bank to get a Home Loan. I also gave Rs.2500/- to initiate the Home Loan process. The bank had also promptly started the process to provide me the loan.  But when I had to collect the ‘approved house plan’ and certain other forms from the Builder; the Builder said that they won’t accept it; if a nationalized bank is the financier!

I was in a fix!  I cannot undo the ‘home loan’ process already set in motion by the nationalized bank. So also, I was not in a position to go for yet another loan with some other bank, as chosen by my house builder! So, before I went to meet the Builder; I raised a prayer request in our weekly prayer fellowship, that the Builder should accept the Home Loan already raised in a nationalized bank. My brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ prayed for me.  After 5 days, I went to meet the Builder. He again repeated the same old story; saying that they will not accept it if a nationalized bank is the financier!  I thought the reason behind this was that Government banks would have to be provided more documents compared to a Private bank.  However, when conversing with him, I came to know that his main concern was about money being delayed from the nationalized bank!  Anyway, a good rapport was established with the Builder and finally he accepted to have the same nationalized bank to be the financier!

I Praise and Thank God for He answered our prayer.

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