From the brink of doom to the heights of success


My name is V.Chacko Jacob and I would like to tell you the story of how the Lord Jesus helped my climb to a top position in my company.

My background is one of “training”. I was in Nigeria as a “Crestcom” Trainer for 1 & 1/2 years. I joined “Elgi Software” as a Training Manager in September,2003.At that time I also joined the professionals Care Cell in NLAG Church and subsequently NLAG Church. I was blessed to attend a leadership program called IMPACT arranged by the professionals Care Cell in December 2003. After IMPACT the whole leadership of the professionals Care Cell migrated to different parts of India and I found myself leading the Care Cell. 

At that time due to a management shake up “Elgi Software” decided to close the marketing operations and in a single stroke “I was jobless”. Here I was just married in February 2003 and suddenly jobless. Though jobless, I continued to do God’s work by leading the professionals Care Cell. We prayed for my job in every cell meeting and I applied in many places too but not a single door opened to me. We continued praying and suddenly things came together.”Praise God”.

The new management wanted to get back to the company someone from the old marketing operation and out of 17 people they got only me back into the new company called “Macrocomm”.”Praise God”.Now I had a job and was feeling confident to do many things and we as a care cell decided to do a program similar to IMPACT to impact professionals in the work place for Jesus. And in November,2005 after almost one year of struggle and prayer God blessed the professionals care cell with good planners and we put together the program called “Call To Excel”. The program was a huge success and our professional care Cell exploded in membership. We used to meet on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm at NLAG Church but now we run 3 different fellowships. One at MEPZ and 2 at NLAG Church. After this program God has helped me to become an In-demand teacher of his word and I also take up many leadership responsibilities in my church NLAG Church,Saidapet.

As God’s work went forward – I went forward at my work place. Previously I had 5 people above me between me and the top management. Today I report directly to the top management of my company. God blessed me to head the CRM department and I currently head the training department. 

Being a failure in 12th Standard, I had to really fight hard to finish my BBA and MBA and come up to my current level in life. Well the truth is I have never had to fight because a great GOD always fights for me. Today my company also backs me as I go into different corporate fellowships in the afternoon to teach the word of God. They would not back me if I was not efficient at my work.I have learned to do his work when ever possible and God has helped me do impossible things in my work place and life. My testimony simply is “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all the rest will be added unto you”.I serve the living God & He continues daily to add all things unto me. “Praise God” 

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