Escaped from Death, Right on Time!!


Our God is the God of salvation; and to GOD the Lord belong escapes from death. (Psalm 68:20)  

It was an early Sunday morning, the10th of July 2005; the clock had ticked half pass one. After a party, my brother and I were leaving Hotel Savera to return home. I am residing at Anna Nager, Chennai. Even now, I can still remember that we were approaching Halls Road, Kilpauk; but after that I do not know what happened! When I reopened my eyes after 10 long days, I was on a hospital bed! 

What I now share about my tragic accident is from what my parents and friends told me.  

My brother and I were both badly hit by a tanker lorry! My loving brother had died on the spot and I was lying on the road bleeding, severely wounded in my skull and legs. By God’s grace, a Police Patrol came there immediately, at the right time and took me to Kilpauk Medical Hospital. I was administered First-Aid, just in time. If the Police had come late or First-Aid had been administered late, I would have died.  However, God sent help just on time!  Initially, I was in the Government Hospital (GH) and then was moved to Apollo Hospital. By around 5 a.m., the Doctor came to the Hospital and operated on me till 7:00 a.m., even though it was a Sunday. 

Before the Doctor entered the Operation Theatre (OT) – after having briefly examined my critical condition, considered it ‘hopeless’.  So, he frankly told the people who were waiting on me that they could stay outside, to receive my dead body. But my loving GOD mercifully touched me with His nail pierced hands and gave me life! 

However, after the operation, when I was in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), I suddenly caught an infection.  The Doctors desperately administered several injections but in vain! Finally, before administering one last injection, the Doctor told my parents, ‘I have tried several injections, this is the last option that I have; the rest is left into God’s hands!’ Even in this critical situation, my precious God did yet another miracle and I was surprisingly healed of the infection! 

Before I regained consciousness, I needed 18 units of blood and got it miraculously. At every point, I could see that God sent people to help right on time!  I opened my eyes after 10 days, from the day of my accident; but started to speak only after a month. I was in the Hospital for 50 days, discharged and then convalescing for 5 months. I was on leave from 11thJuly to 12th December, 2005. 

The same Doctor who had initially told those who were waiting on me, to stay outside – only to take my dead body, was amazed and said that it was a very fast recovery that he had ever witnessed!  I am a second Daniel for him. I am still astonished, when I consider the miraculous and wonderful ways God rescued us right on time, at every step of physical ‘n mental agony and pain that I, my parents and my friends went through.  

Today, I am still in the same job with CTS that God had given me before the tragic accident.  

Dear friends, I may not know the very purpose for which God has kept me alive, but I will stand for His glory till my last breath.

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