Do not ask “Why me, God ?” rather ask “What through me, God?”


Around 7 months before my wife Susan developed a small cyst in her neck and we initially ignored it as an infection. A few months later another one came up and this time we went to the doctors and after a series of Blood tests, Ultrasound and Biopsy she was diagnosed with Stage 2 Thyroid Cancer. We just froze hearing the news and it was easily the saddest and toughest moment in our lives. Our immediate prayer was ”Why me Lord?”and why did you allow this in our life.

We were advised with the next steps which needed an extensive surgery followed by Radioactive Iodine treatment. The surgery was successful without any complications and was done by Dr.Paul M Jacob, one of the best Endocrine surgeons in the country and his wonderful team @ CMC Vellore (The best and most ethical hospital in our country). Post surgery, we were advised to be ready for a long quarantined radioactive treatment for residual removals and to check if the cancer has spread to other parts of the body. Staying in the hospital exposed us to the real needs of life looking at the suffering fellow patients who needed love, care and emotional support. Our hearts were moved seeing many suffering patients. We were asked to take the isotope body scan and be ready to get admitted for the radioactive iodine treatment. Life was really tough trying to balance work, kids and the medical process. All through this we knelt down as a family praying to Jesus for a healing miracle and also asked our close friends to support us with prayer. This week when we finally did the isotope body scan and blood tests, a Big Miracle happened.  The doctors were surprised that they could not find even a single cancerous cell in the body (not even a trace) and there was complete healing. Less than 1 percent of the cancer patients get healed without radioactive treatment and by the grace of Jesus, Susan is now officially cancer clean and a cancer survivor.

Staying through in the hospital and battling this deadly disease, Susan has a desire to help cancer patients and has started a new organization called ‘CHRISTCAN’. The word CAN taken from Cancer and the word which says: ‘I CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens me’. Christcan will specifically work with young kids who have lost either of their parents due to Cancer and also with young women cancer patients. We would have never done something like this if we had not gone through this phase of successfully battling cancer.

So the next time you have a problem, do not ask “Why me, God ? ” rather ask “What through me, God?”.  Never ever Give Up!

–  Joshua Madan, Co-Founder & CEO of Covenant Group.

(This testimony originally appeared on Joshua Madan’s Facebook page and has been republished here with his permission)


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