David is back home!!


The smart man of the family aged 58 years faced a crisis of having a paralytic attack on 8th September 2010 due to hemorrhage in his left brain. Bleeding was increasing in such a way that his right brain was about to be spoiled and he was almost nearing his last minutes of his life.  Doctors told that they had not seen an unusual case like this in their 30 years of service, and they also told us that every hour for my dad who was unconscious in the ICU is a bonus given to him by God and the chances of losing him was increasing.

Our family was in a condition where my mom had just retired and my wedding was proposed to be held in near future and the elder sister had just delivered a baby.  We lost all hope in medicines, doctor and treatment and started clinging on to Jesus Christ, waiting for His only grace to save appa thanking Him with faith that He had already given back my dad’s life.

The whole family started praying fervently night and day. It was marvelous how our Loving Lord immediately opened a way. We heard news from a Doctor from the biggest hospital, stating that a risky Angio may block the bleed but we might have to lose our dad on the table if risk occurs. Anyways Jesus has opened a way where there seemed to be no way.  So, we fixed the date on 24th Sep and then we made up our minds to let Jesus look after dad in the hospital, and we sat at home together as family and called on His Mighty name. We all prayed as a big family with fasting from 11 to 6 in the evening.

There came a call to prove that we had really worshipped the only living God Jesus Christ for the whole day. We heard from the doctor over phone stating that the point of bleeding or what they call as (Aneurysm) medically had disappeared completely from my Dad’s brain. There was no sign of any bleed or irregularity in my dad’s brain. Everything was normal and better than before! The doctors found no need to touch my dad’s body, because Jesus Christ had touched and healed it. God’s word rightly says, “Call upon me in the day of trouble and I will deliver you” – Psalm 50:15. Our prayers that we took from home were looked upon and the awesome miracle occurred in the hospital. How loving and merciful our Jesus Christ is.

The doctor proclaimed with her own mouth that “The God whom you have worshipped has delivered your Dad”. This clearly depicts that what is Impossible with man, is possible with Jesus. Next day morning, when we saw Dad, we could feel God’s presence on his face and he was back to normal. He was discharged from the hospital very soon after that and finally DAVID WAS BACK HOME by His grace.

I am sharing this testimony with you because we tasted our Lord Jesus Christ day by day and we wanted you to also experience the same.  If His Grace is not with us, we would have been lost.  PRAISE AND ALL GLORY BE TO THE ONLY LIVING GOD JESUS CHRIST.  HE HAS CRUSHED THE ENEMY UNDER HIS FEET AND DOES WONDERS FOR HIS OWN PEOPLE.  HOW PRIVELEGED WE ARE!!!!!!!!!!!

(This testimony is from a software professional working in one of the MNCs in Chennai )

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  1. “Thanking Him with faith before the problem got solved” is the real faith. Let all who believe in Daddy God get this strong faith.. 🙂


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