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From the day I became a Christian, I have always pondered over one question – ‘What is my purpose in life?’. The more I thought about this, the more discouraged I became. What could a person like me offer to GOD?

I loved praise and worship and was always drawn to music since childhood, I could strum the guitar a bit, and manage a little on the keyboard; I did not have a great voice and was not the first choice to lead worship in church or in prayer meetings. To top it all I was extremely shy and timid. Frail as I was and with the little that I had, there was nothing I could do… absolutely nothing.

Many days and nights I cried to the Lord, looking up in prayer I would weep and ask God – ‘Father, will you use me, I don’t have much to offer…”But praise GOD – The one who fed 5000 people when a little boy offered his tiny lunch box with 5 loaves of bread and 2 little fish, is still alive today – Amen

One morning as I was worshipping God, I could literally hear a heavenly tune. I said – “Lord if this is from you, give me a song.” And immediately I opened the bible and my eyes fell on the verse “The Lord is good and his mercy endures forever” and my first song “karthar nallavar” was birthed.

After this, it became a regular affair. Each morning I would be in God’s studio and would walk out with a song. My work place is far from home, and being in the IT industry I work long hours but even when I was hard pressed for time and extremely stressed, God was always waiting for me with a song. Many of these songs were the Lords words for my own life, given to me in my valley of tears, hopelessness and rejection.

As I waited on the Lord, He miraculously led people to encourage me and to helped me in putting these songs together as a gospel album with 11 songs.

I have titled this album – ‘En Nesare – En ulagame neer thaane’. After a small prayer of dedication at my church, my album was released on 19th October 2008.

God has brought 2 of my colleagues also feature as first time singers in the gospel music arena. Looking back at my past, I don’t really understand how a person like me could release a music album. I’m humbled at what the Lord has done.

As said in 1 Cor 1:27 – He delights to use the foolish and weak things of the world. I know that I was one of them …

Glory to the Lord


–Ditto Moses

(Pl. mail to [email protected] for CD copies)

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