2 suicide attempts, a lost kidney….Transformation through Christ!!!


I was born in a Christian family and hence as a routine, used to go to church and lead a shallow life. Never even touched the bible and open it for reading. I completed my B Tech in the year 2002 from Machilipatnam. After my graduation, I didn’t even look for jobs and my friends took me to various places to perform some rituals to get some good job for me, all in vain.

My life was such that I used to smoke minimum of 20 cigarettes per day and get drunk every day. I never had enough sleep with this type of life. I used to roam on the roads very late till up to 3am.

My father is a very respectable person and he could not see me ruining my life like this and he used to scold me almost every day for my absurd behaviour. I have a younger sister and a younger brother. My sister is married and my brother is pursuing his MA. He is both deaf and dumb.

Even all our relatives stopped inviting me for any family functions just because I was such an irresponsible person. They didn’t even allow their children to mingle with me in fear that they also may get my kind of attitude and habits.

One fine day on Nov 2005, I met with a fire accident and my face got burned. I didn’t have any money to go for treatment and my friend paid for me. On the other hand, due to excess drinking of alcohol, one of my kidneys failed and had to be treated. No money even for that also. I lost a kidney due to my drinking habits, in Aug 2006.

My dad told that he would not pay any money for operation as I had spoiled my life on my own. Then I took a drastic step and came out of the house with no job, no money, no health, to Hyderabad.

I really messed up my life. I had my maternal cousin whom I had loved ever since I knew love. My love and feelings toward her were sincere and I was hopeful that we two would tie the knot soon. But my love failed (because no job, no responsibility) basically she was from doctor background, interested in marrying a doctor only and I was on the verge of ending my life. I tried to end my life first by laying on the railway track and it failed. I did not stop trying and tried ending my life again by consuming a full bottle of bathroom cleanser. Even that failed.

Then, one of my very good friend asked me to just go and listen to the church message. I thought okay, let me try this. I used to just go and sit there for a while and immediately return to my place.

On 17th September 2007, as per my friend’s request, I went for a youth retreat and they had 7 continuous days of prayer and my life changed upside down for my Christ!!!. God spoke to me through Romans 8:28.

God blessed me by giving me exclusive visions and happenings in and around my life. Then God gave me enough strength to let go off the love for my maternal cousin and I decided to take whatever God gives me.

From that day, I stopped all the worldly things like cigarette, drinking, roaming on the roads like a mad person. I made godly friends.

God started blessing my family when I prayed for them. My mother and my brother became strong in Christ. My father used to pray min 3 hours in a day.

Then all my relatives who used to run away from me and who never used to even allow their children to talk to me started coming to me, talking to me. Now the situation in my family has became such that without me, they don’t want to host any prayer meeting and any function also.

The stone that was ignored has become the corner stone of the building – this has been established in my life. Amen.

Now I see healing through visions. Recently I saw a vision that my mother is being healed of severe knee pain. I called my mother the very next day and she spoke that she is very well and knee pain is almost gone and she is able to walk freely

In my vision, I had seen that my aunt (Mother’s sister started building a home). When I went home, asked my mother about the same and they really had started building an own house.

My God who took all my useless, unwanted threads put them together and gave me a beautiful world of my own, a wonderful life with meaning in Him.

I am married to Vijaya, a wonderful prayerful lady who is supportive to me in all possible ways. We are blessed with a son, Devashish.

I want all the youngsters who have not taken their lives seriously till now to take a note of how my life has been transformed when I met my Lord in my heart face to face.

Please do continue to pray for me and my ministry, my personal life with my Christ and my family life as well.

I can conclude by saying that:

I never had a beautiful life till I came to know my Lord face to face. I was obedient to His voice, listened to him and now, my life is a colourful beautiful painting to which God is adding more colours to make it brighter.

Suresh Neelam, an IT professional, currently working in Chennai.

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  1. Wonderful testimony…God bless u

  2. Wow, such a wonderful testimony!!! I hope that this would touch the life of many… God is great and is good all the time…

  3. Amen… Wonderful Life Transformation of this IT professional which is yet another powerful message to many who are yet to know this ‘depth of the Love of Christ’, which transformed thousands and thousands by generation by generation. Thanks for sharing this message.

  4. This is amazing testimony of healing and HOPE and Recovery. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Awesome testimony, bro! I can understand how God would have changed every agony of yours to a wonderful fairy tale. Praise be to God and let Him use you as an instrument to recover many of them!!!


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