You Have Been Created for a Purpose!


Every single one of us has been put on this earth to do something. God may have called you to be a great preacher, teacher, doctor, or lawyer. Maybe God has called you to the arts. You might be called to be a professional musician, entertainer, performer, etc. So many people are not happy because they never take the time to find out from God what it is that they are called to do. Sadly, of those who do identify what they are called to do, many never obey God and walk in their divine purpose.

Are You Experiencing Dissatisfaction with Life?

Have you ever felt like there was more to life than what you are experiencing? How many people go to a boring job that they don’t enjoy? Or maybe you feel as though your life is mundane and routine. You may have this nagging feeling that tells you that there is more to life. But instead of making changes, you just keep doing the same thing over and over again.

Interestingly, the book that holds the world record as the #1 selling hardcover non-fiction book of all-time is Rick Warren’s “Purpose Driven Life.” “Purpose Driven Life” has sold over 32 million copies to date. I believe the reason why “Purpose Driven Life” has sold so many copies is because there is something deep down in our spirit-man that knows that we have been put on this earth to do something way bigger than what we are experiencing.

God wants you to know His divine purpose for your life. God wants you to be able to identify your purpose so that you can be fulfilled, happy, and satisfied. God wants you to know the divine purpose for which you have been born into this world!

A Biblical Example of God Identifying Divine Purpose

A great example in the Bible of someone who – through a process – identified his divine purpose is the prophet Moses. As a baby, Moses had been spared from death when Pharaoh made a decree to kill all the male children. So Moses’ mom put him in a barrel of sorts and floated him down the river where he was rescued by Pharaoh’s daughter. Pharaoh’s daughter raised Moses.

As a child, I don’t think Moses knew that he would later be called to deliver over 3 million people from Egyptian slavery – but God did. God saw to it that Moses’ life was not aborted so that he could fulfill the divine purpose for why he was created. God preserved Moses’ life because He knew that one day Moses would be used to deliver his people out of the hands of Egyptian bondage so that the Israelites could worship and serve the Lord in freedom.

The First Point About Divine Purpose You Need to Understand is This: God Will Preserve You

  1. No matter what the enemy (or people) do(es) to try to keep you from walking in your purpose, God will preserve you.

Case-in-point, even when the devil tried to use Pharaoh to abort the purposes of God by killing Moses, God made sure that Moses’ life was preserved.

If you are living right now, it is because God has preserved you for such a time as this to fulfill the divine purpose He has for you. No devil in Hell (or man on earth) can stop God’s purpose for your life. I don’t care if your Mama or Daddy said that your birth was a surprise, mistake, or “accident”  you were not a mistake to God! Jeremiah 1:5 states:

“Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.”

You were no mistake to God. You were not an accident. God said in His Word that before your Mama and Daddy even thought about you, He knew you and called you for a specific purpose. Before you were even born, God set you apart for a specific purpose and called you to fulfill a divine assignment.

This is the main crux of what’s wrong in society now. Most people do not know who they are, or whose they are. You know the reason why kids join gangs? They are trying to identify their purpose. They want to be a part of a group that gives them identity. The reason why people take drugs, participate in sexual promiscuity, and get involved in a host of other sins is that they are trying to find their identity.

And This Brings Me to My Second Point About Divine Purpose: The Fight for Identity

  1. The biggest battle you will ever fight is the fight for identity. Everything that you ever did or will do wrong is because you failed to understand your purpose.

Interestingly, God had started to deal with Moses about his identity when he was a young man. Moses saw an Israelite man being mistreated by an Egyptian. Because there was a seed of righteousness telling Moses that the Egyptian’s handling of his Israelite brother was wrong, Moses – not consulting God – took the law into his own hands and killed the Egyptian. When Pharaoh found out about it, he sought to kill Moses. Moses got scared and ran to the backside of the desert. The Bible says he stayed in the desert as a farmer for his father-in-law for 40 years!

I personally believe that God would have spared Moses’ life if he would have stayed in Egypt and not ran. Moses would not have had to flee to the desert. God had the power to deliver Moses out of this situation of killing the Egyptian because God had a divine purpose for Moses. From birth, Moses had been called to deliver the children of Israel out of slavery. But because Moses was not sure about his identity, he allowed fear to get the best of him and he fled to the backside of the desert. So he ran away from his calling.

How many people are called by God, and when they experience any little resistance they get scared and run from what God has called them to do? Some of you reading this article are in a dry season. And you are saying, “God has me in a wilderness season.” This may be true for some of you. But for many, you are spending an unnecessarily long period of time on the backside of the desert. You are on the backside of the desert because of your apprehension to fulfill the call of God on your life. What and/or who are you scared of? Don’t you realize that you plus God equals a majority? If God is with you, then who can be against you?

How Will You Know God is Really Calling You?

God spoke to Moses out of the burning bush and called him to deliver the children of Israel out of Egyptian captivity. At first, Moses couldn’t receive God’s prophetic word. Spending 40 years on the backside of the desert caused Moses to lose his identity. When God came to Moses and spoke to him about his divine purpose, Moses began to have a major identity crises. Moses could not see himself actually doing what God called him to do. So, Moses asked God, “How will I know that You are sending me to deliver the people?” And God said, “Well, when you go tell Pharaoh to let My people go and he does it, then you will know that I sent you.”I find this somewhat humorous. Isn’t this how we do God? We say, “Oh Lord, I need to really know that You are telling me to do this. Give me a sign, God!” And God responds back to us by saying, “OK. This is how you will know I’m telling you to do this…after you have done what I’ve told you to do, and you see the manifestation of what I’ve promised you,then you’ll know I told you to do it.” We always want a sign from God before we step out, but God doesn’t always give us the sign ahead of time. He tells us to step out, and then He confirms that it was Him.

Fulfilling God’s purpose for your life is a walk of faith. I hear people say all the time, “I’m waiting on God!” NO! You are not waiting on God. God is waiting on you!

My Last Point is This: Your Purpose Will Always Be Bigger Than You

  1. Your divine purpose will always be bigger than you. If you can figure out how you are going to accomplish everything God has told you to do, it’s a good chance it’s probably not God.

There was a woman of God in history named Harriet Tubman. Harriet Tubman was a slave who had a very evil slave master. Harriet was a woman of God who was also called to the office of prophet. History records that Harriet would often have prophetic visions and angelic visitations from the Lord.

One day, Harriet was outside and her slave master got mad at another slave and picked up an object and threw it at him. Unfortunately, Harriet was standing in the way, so the object hit Harriet on the side of her head instead of the other slave. This injury caused Harriet to be injured and experience seizures, severe headaches and narcoleptic episodes for the rest of her life. Because of this injury, as a slave, Harriet was considered to be damaged goods.

Harriet spent a major portion of her adult life viewed as someone who was damaged goods, with no purpose. History records that Harriet’s slave master tried to sell her because she was considered worthless. But nobody wanted to purchase Harriet, but God had a divine purpose for Harriet.

A divine encounter from God changed Harriet’s life FOREVER!

On a certain night, a holy angel appeared to Harriet and told her that she would be used to deliver herself and others out of the evil grips of slavery. Following what was known as the North Star, Harriet escaped to freedom following the Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad was a system developed that allowed slaves to hide out from house to house as they traveled north to areas where slavery was illegal. Once Harriet had received her freedom, she came back to deliver her family, friends, and many other people from slavery. Historians believe that Harriet Tubman delivered over 80 people out of slavery! Later, people began to call Harriet Tubman “Moses” because, like Prophet Moses, she delivered God’s people out of slavery. Harriet Tubman, a woman that was considered to be damaged goods, is now recorded in history as one of the greatest women that ever lived!

God has called many of you to be a Moses to this generation – to deliver your family out of the hands of the enemy and into eternal salvation with Jesus Christ. Some of you have been called to fulfill a purpose and you even know what God has called you to do, but fear has stopped you. And then there are others of you who want to fulfill God’s purpose for your life. You just don’t know what it is you need to do to fulfill His calling. Through the voice of the Holy Spirit, prophets help people discover who they are called to be in Christ.

Does God’s Assignment Seem Bigger Than You Can Handle? Good!

God will always give you an assignment that is way bigger than you think you can handle. The reason why He gives you an assignment that is bigger than you think you can handle is because He wants you to lean on and trust in Him. Do you know what God has called you to do? Do you know what your divine purpose in life is? The reason why God has put prophets in the Church is that prophets help you identify what your purpose in life is.

This message is written by Kyle T. Miller, Little Rock, Arizona, who has been called to the marketplace as a musician, play producer, and educator. Re-posted here with permission.

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