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Brothers and sisters take note of this: everyone should be QUICK TO LISTEN, SLOW TO SPEAK and SLOW TO BECOME ANGRY. James 1-19

Listen, Speak and Anger are like the colours of the Traffic signal in terms of exhibiting the human nature of us in this world.  If you follow the Traffic signals, than they ensure safe and accident free journey. Likewise the above natures or qualities if followed or avoided according to the word of God will help us to lead a life pleasing unto God and a peaceful co existence in this world.

1)   Quick to listen:  If you are in marketing this word Listen (Listening skill) is very frequently used while interacting with customers. When you listen to them may be it is a complaint or compliment then you show them that you “value” their views. It will help to close your sale or complaint handling very successfully. Likewise Apostle James emphasis on the aspect “Listening and doing”. In the spiritual world just listening and doing nothing about what you hear is deceiving yourselves. In verse 22 gives the Punch word “Do what it says.” He gives the example of a man looking himself in the mirror and as he goes away he forgets what he looks like. Therefore dear ones let us follow the word we hear in letter and spirit then you will be blessed in what you do. If you read John 13-17 the Lord teaches his disciples humility through washing of their feet. In 17th verse “Now that you have heard and seen these things you will be blessed if you do them.”  The second most important commandment of Jesus is “love your neighbour as yourself.” Now do you act like a listener or doer? If you practise both then you are doing right.

2)   Slow to speak: In Proverb 10-19 exactly defines why we should be slow to speak, when word is many, sin is not absent but he who holds his tongue is wise. Read James 1:26 says if any one does not keep tight rein on his tongue he deceives himself.  Further we read the tongue is also a fire, it corrupts the whole person and set his life span on fire. Let us introspect ourselves that with the tongue we praise the Lord and father or curse men who are made in god’s likeness.  Our speech if it is controlled by Satan it will be full of bitter, envy and unspiritual. But if it is ruled by God that it will be full of righteousness, love and grace. Read 2 Timothy2-16, Avoid godless chatters because those who indulge in it will become more and more ungodly. Make a decision today that with the help of the Holy Spirit you will rein in your tongue and use it as an instrument of praise and speak word of grace.

3)   Slow to anger:  James gives a fine explanation about anger, James 1:20 for anger do not bring about the righteous life that God desires. Just I would like to bring in a picture of Paul and Barnabas. If you read Acts 15:36 to 41 you will understand what I want to say. Read verse 39, they had such a strong disagreement that they have parted company. Here this disagreement was fuelled by anger. Even great apostle like Paul and Barnabas when temporarily influenced by anger, they parted company. 2Timothy 2-23, don’t have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels. That is to do things which God does not like. Therefore do not let the sun go down while you are still angry. Throw away your anger and reconcile so that the peace of God will fill your mind and soul and devil cannot enter your life.

May God bless you with good nature so that you can Arise and Shine.

Eric Sundararaj
New Hope Ministries
(Tell the younger generation the message of New life in Christ)
Cell no: 9444414526

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