The Power of Fellowship


There is power and the presence of God when God’s people gather together. We literally witnessed this recently in one of our regional fellowship meetings in Yishun in the month of July 2010. It was not a big gathering but a small group of professionals gathered together, about 8 of us to be exact. We had a newcomer named Priya with us. She comes from a Hindu background and did not know the Lord before. She came there to get some guidance for a physiotherapy examination from Shruthi, who is also a physiotherapist and the one hosting the meeting as well.

Though some of us were very tired and exhausted as we came for the meeting, we could clearly sense the power and presence of God in the atmosphere and each one of us were very refreshed through the time of open discussions and sharing of testimonies. Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, each of us shared about how God has led each of us in our careers towards knowing him personally’.  John was sharing about how he found a job in Singapore and how it is related to that is where he found Jesus and started a personal relationship with him. He came to Singapore as a confident physiotherapist looking for a new start in his career but God brought him to the lowest point and that brought to realize that he needed God to help him. The night before his interview in Singapore, he was completely blank and totally lost his confidence. He literally broke down and wept for his inability to compete in that new environment. Then he began to realize that he needed God in his life and started praying to Jesus. Having come from a catholic background, he knew a little about Jesus. But from that moment onwards he started his personal relationship with Him.

In the same way Shruthi was sharing as about how God had ordained situations and circumstances in her life so that she would find Him, though she did not know God because she comes from a Hindu family. She was sharing that when she tried for her higher studies all the doors were closed. She used to be a bright student and couldn’t understand why she was not able to find a seat in any of the institutions that she wanted to join in. Finally she was very dejected and disappointed in all those failures and did not know what to do next. But miraculously and very unexpectedly, she got admission in one of the leading institutions in Bombay. . She couldn’t believe it because only a few people get admission into that course while the competition is very high. Eventually, that was where she found Jesus and got saved. So she said “I was not aware of any of these things, but God in His sovereign plan, closed all the doors and led me straight to the place where I would eventually come to know Him” “Had I studied elsewhere, I would not have known God, so God arranges situations in our lives in a way that we would have a chance to know him” she added.

These testimonies began to touch Priya, who came for a fellowship like this for the first time. And she began to identify herself with these testimonies and understood God’s plan for her life as well. She comes from a good family where she did not lack anything- in terms of material blessings or love and care in the family. She used to be a top student in her studies and became a very self-confident physiotherapist. But things were different when she came to Singapore in search of job and her confidence began to shake. That brought her to the house of John and Shruthi to get some guidance for her career. Though   none of us shared the gospel with her explicitly but each of us were sharing our experiences alone, it touched Priya very deeply. In the end we were thrilled to hear her confessing “I think God has planned situations in my life too and brought me to this place so that I would know Him here” We were filled with awe and practically witnessed the power of fellowship.

“For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them”

Mathew 18:20

Shared from PROFIT – Professional Fellowship of International Talents is the Corporate fellowship in Singapore and in other countries. If you are in Singapore and want to be part of this fellowship, pl reach out to – [email protected]

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