Songs in the "Night"


Every one goes through “night” phases in their life. What does night symbolizes. Darkness.

We all go through such dark periods.
But there is great difference in how a Christ follower reacts and how all others react.

A person who follows Christ will be able to sing and rejoice in the darkest phase of his life because the LORD enables him and empowers him to do so.
Job 35:10 says “Who gives songs of rejoicing in the night”. Yes he gives songs of rejoicing even in the night or dark periods of our life. Bible has so many examples for such songs. David sang when he was chased by Saul.

But the most familiar example for most of us is found in Acts 16:25
“But about midnight, as Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns of praise to God, and the [other] prisoners were listening to them”

“About Midnight”…Midnight is the darkest time in a night. Yes it was the darkest period for Paul and Silas, yet they were able to sing hymns of praise. Was it their own strength? No it was God who enabled them. Psalms 8;2 says “From the lips of children and infants You have ordained praise”. So God is the one who enable us to praise.

Next time when you are tempted to say am not able to praise remember He is the one who enables you to praise.

Ok. What happens when you praises. There are different answers to that question. But one answer is it silences the mouth of the enemy-the Devil. Do you want the proof? See psalms 8:2 again “to silence the foe and the avenger”. When you praise it shuts the mouth of the devil. So to shut his mouth of all negative and discouraging comments he gives you start praising the LORD. Now its not easy for you to guess what Daniel would have done in the lions Den. Just praising God.
So Praise God And shut up the roaring lion’s mouth….

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