Psalm 50 – A Message To Encourage Righteousness


The media news commentators are constantly talking about one thing in Chennai, India. They are discussing about the 50th movie of Superstars Vijay & Ajith. Both superstars are going out of the way to make their 50th movie really special by signing up with top directors to direct their movie & ensuring that there will be no budget constraints in creating a movie masterpiece.

It’s in this media frenzy that I suddenly thought that God has given us a masterpiece in the BIBLE that guides us in the way we should go to be successful in our life. I looked for books that may have a 50th Chapter & I zoomed in on Psalm 50. There are very few books with 50 or more chapters anyway. So, what does Psalm 50 say?

Psalm 50:23 says “Whoever makes an offering of praise gives glory to me; and to him who is upright in his ways I will make clear the salvation of God

The Psalm 50, emphasizes on two things 1)God loves those who make offerings of praise to him 2) Those who are upright / righteous in their ways will receive salvation. The two things are again so interconnected. Unless one is upright, one cannot praise God with all his/her mind, heart & soul. So, simple logic, If A=B & A=C then B=C ˜ God loves righteous people

In my career, I have often found being righteous / upright a challenge. I have found it tough to tell my company that I am going to lead a prayer and will return after the prayer when it would have been easy to say I have a headache & take leave. But, this is one area where I can say with absolute certainty that I am righteous / upright before man & God. I know for sure that God will not bless any work that you do for him in the midst of deceit & so I prefer to be frank about it. I am not ashamed to tell my company that I am going out for 2 hours on permission to lead a prayer at “X” company. In fact, doing God’s work with the knowledge of my company makes me more responsible to work effectively so that God’s name is not taken in vain. If I was not effective / efficient in my work, people would say “he has time only to pray but not for work”. Now, people say “he is good at leading prayer and is also efficient in completing the work assigned to him”

Well, this is not an advertisement for me being righteous because other than the work place there are many areas of my life in which I fall short of righteousness. That does not mean I will stop trying to be righteous in every area. As the apostle Paul says in Ephesians 2:10 “For by his act we were given existence in Christ Jesus to do those good works which God before made ready for us so that we might do them”. I will keep on trying to become righteous in all that I do because God has made ready my work for me & if he has made ready a work for me, he would not assign it to me unless I can complete it by remaining righteous. As the Bible says in Ephesians 6:10 “Be strong in the Lord & his mighty power

My dear friends, being righteous is not easy, but we have to be strong and keep trying, as God promises in Psalm 50 he will reward us for our righteousness because, God loves righteous people.

God Bless You.

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