He is your Restorer


The Lord restores my soul. Psalms 23 : 3

Today are you feeling that you have tried out all the ways to come out of the darkness that surrounds you, but still your efforts end up only in vain? Then this is exactly for you!

Believe me, everyone has their own problem. The girl who faces problems with her marital life will think that she has the world’s toughest problem and the student who failed in his important exam will think that he has the worst problem than anyone does.

Peter was fed up when he saw his empty net even after he tried an entire night. Jesus came to Peter by the time Peter was washing his net. He was thinking to go to his place, but Jesus asked him to cast his net again in the water. Peter being a fisherman would have thought what was happening. He knew every trick to catch a fish, but none of his tricks worked out that night. Still he did obey to Jesus and went back to the same water and to his surprise he was able to see many fishes in his net.

Sometimes you may worry why the Lord keeps on sending you to a place which you don’t like or which you like most, but was seriously disappointed because you’ve been hurt. Remember God doesn’t want you to give up. He doesn’t want you to turn your back on those shameful areas. He wants you to go, face your battle, restore things up and stand victorious in the same place.

To cite a practical example, when I was a fresher, I was into a development team. We all worked day and night. But the clients thought that they were paying for nothing as their expectations were very high. We were not able to win their confidence. After a year or so, I was asked to work on the very same project as a single resource. I was not at all willing to work on it again. I even thought of leaving my company because of that. But the Lord put me onto the same project, that too as a single one working directly with the client. He didn’t leave me helpless. He was with me every day that I worked and you know what? My client has given lot many commendations on my work and everyone noticed it and it was added to my credit, so that even today people could remember that.

If He cares for your projects, will He not care for your future and what you’re going through in your life?

I know my friends, many of you’re worrying too much about your lives, because you face unbearable pain, but God tells you today that He will set everything right for you. He will fight the battle for you. He will not leave you ashamed in front of the wicked eyes. Believe me, He is restoring you. You’ll never be put to shame. With God, you’ll gain victory over all the giants you face today.

What is the starting point of restoration? Nehemiah stood up finding God’s favor and gathered the weak people and restored the wall of Jerusalem. Why was the wall considered so important? Because it is the main strength of a city. If it is strong, the entire city is secured from the hands of enemies. If the wall is broken, then the people are prone to any attacks. Similarly when your relationship with God collapses, you’re prone to anything. When you set things right with God, nothing can collapse your peace, no matter whatever happens to you. Is your soul weary today?

Creating things are easy. Destroying anything is far easier. But restoring things are not that easy. But with God anything is possible. He is your creator. No one knows much about you as He does. He can restore your soul! Psalms 23 : 3 talks about it.

May this month be the month of restoration. No matter whatever we’re losing, wherever we’re back sliding, in whichever area we’re growing weary, our God is a God of restoration and this is His restoring period. He can still restore anything, especially your soul which none can restore. Enough is enough. Shall we surrender the broken pieces to Him for restoration today?

I would like to finish this with a famous saying. ‘The losers are those who give up without knowing that they’re just 2 steps away from their winning point.’ Never give up! He is turning your sorrows into joy. Yes, it’s almost done.

The author is working in a IT MNC and can be reached through [email protected]

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