Extraordinary Women Of God[11]: Sarah Faith and Hoped


Read:  By faith even Sarah herself received ability to conceive, even beyond the proper time of life, since she considered Him faithful who had promised. Heb 11:11

Examine: Sarah, the wife of Abraham who discovered that God was in the miracle-working business. She left her home willingly, alongside Abraham and endured a great deal to try to provide an heir for her husband. She also did everything in her power to keep her husband safe in dangerous territories. Her faith would produce their promised heir, Isaac, though there were some trials along the way. Sarah lived to be a hundred and twenty-seven years old and died in the promised land.

When Abram encountered the living God for the first time, he believed Him (Genesis 12:1–4; 15:6) and followed after Him, obeying His command to leave his home to go to a place he had never heard about, much less seen. Sarai went with him.

Sarah was 65 years old when she started the journey to Canaan with Abraham, after 25 years she had Issac. God also changed Sarai’s name, meaning “my princess,” to Sarah, meaning “mother of nations.” God told Abraham that He would give him a son through Sarah. This son—Isaac—would be the one with whom God would establish His covenant. Isaac was the son of promise through whom the nations would be blessed (Genesis 17). Isaac means “he laughs.” Abraham laughed that, at 100 years old, he could have a son with Sarah, who was 90 years old and had been barren her entire life. Sarah, too, laughed at the prospect (Genesis 18:9–15). Lord kept the promise and they had the promised child.

Application: First Peter 3:5–6 uses Sarah as an example of a holy woman who hoped in God and who adorned herself by submitting to her husband. Sarah willingly left her home and stepped out into the unknown to follow Abraham, as he followed the directions of a God with whom she was unfamiliar at the time. She endured much to try to provide an heir for her husband and to keep her husband safe in dangerous lands. In the end, she had faith enough to believe that she and her husband, at the ages of 90 and 100, would produce the promised heir, Isaac.

Decision: Oh Lord! Like Sarah, although she lived in a world of danger and confusion, Sarah stood firm in her commitment to her husband and to God, and her commitment was rewarded with blessing. Help me to walk with the Lord always faithfully even if it costs my life.

The Bible remembers Sarah as a woman of faith (Heb 11:11) holy woman who hoped in God and adorned herself by submitting to her husband. (2 Pet 3:6)

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  1. Yes, God’s faithfulness is tasted by Sarah by humbling herself at the feet of the Lord.She obeyed God though the circumstances surrounding her are negative.So, God honoured her faith and blessed her with the promised Child…whom we all are able to see – Isaac’s progeny – the Israelites.
    Hope in the Lord’s ప్రాం ses by thrusting him without doubt.


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