Extraordinary Women Of God [4] : Priscilla disciple maker


Read: Greet Prisca and Aquila, my fellow workers in Christ Jesus, who risked their necks for my life, to whom not only I give thanks but all the churches of the Gentiles give thanks as well. Rom 16:3-4

Examine: The Bible tells us that Priscilla and her husband are Jewish Christians. Aquila is a native of Pontus. Aquila and his wife Priscilla in the Bible are tent makers who pursue this trade in Corinth after being forced to flee Rome. They were ministry partners of Paul.

Paul stayed with Priscilla in the Bible and her husband for 18 months and worked with them, while planting the Corinthian church. From Corinth, we learn that Priscilla and Aquila follow Paul to Ephesus in Acts 18, and 1 Corinthians 16:19.

When Paul left Ephesus, Priscilla, and Aquila stayed on and started a house church in their own home. During that time, we see when Priscilla and Aquila heard Apollos, they took him aside and explained to him the way of God more accurately. Later on in Romans 16:3-4, we find Priscilla in the Bible and her husband have returned to Rome and are continuing their encouragement of the followers of Jesus. Priscilla in the Bible along with her husband were church planters and played a significant role in Paul’s ministry. In Romans 16:5 Paul says of them: Greet Priscilla and Aquila, my co-workers in Christ Jesus. They risked their lives for me. Not only I but all the churches of the Gentiles are grateful to them. After this, we see their names again in 2 Timothy 4:19. Priscilla in the Bible and her husband have once again returned to Ephesus.

Application: Great example of working hard to live and doing ministry. Then later following Paul’s mission trip, we see their sacrifice and commitment. To have a house church at their homes, taking Apollos are teaching him privately, shows this couple was committed to disciple-making. Also, it teaches us how important to follow and teach the word in truth without compromising. A simple family’s total surrender and sacrificial commitment is seen, they risked their lives for Paul. Not only Paul but all the churches of the Gentiles were grateful to them.

Decision:  Help my family to become like these two remarkable people who set an example for us of hospitality, seen in opening their home to Paul and using their house as a meeting place for the church. Help us to have passion for Christ and their hunger for knowledge of Him.

Like Priscilla and Aquila help us to desire to build others in the faith. To the end, Aquila and Priscilla were offering hospitality to other Christians, spreading the gospel they had learned from Paul, and rendering faithful service to the Master.

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