God sent his only begotten son, to redeem us from sin and give us the “Sonship”(Ephesians 1-5). Because we are his sons/daughters we can call out to him “Abba Father”; what a privilege.

I would like to share with you word of God from Luke 2:14,“Glory in the heavenly heights, Peace to all men and woman on earth who pleases Him”. This proclamation by angels, have three blessings

Give glory to God in heaven:  We need to give glory to God in heaven who gave Jesus Christ his only son. Besides this we have many reasons to glorify god. We need to bless our Lord God and father for his greatness, Power and Glory; his victory over sin; we have to worship him for his splendour and Majesty. For the Lord alone, is Holy and nations shall worship him. He is the creator God who created all things seen and unseen. They (people who saw the miracles) saw mute speaking, lame walking and glorified god.  He is a righteous god and will not allow you to go through unjust accusation. Heavens exalt him as Salvation to mankind came from the Lord. Dearly beloved, through the year 2013 you could have walked through difficult situation and seasons of joy, would have been protected and exalted by the grace and favour of God. Therefore you have every reason to glorify the God of heaven for what he had done in your life. (Psalm92-4)      

Peace to all men and women on earth: Our God has a name “Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9-6). He was the epitome of Peace in the form of a human being. Jesus as a Prince of Peace gives peace to those who call on him in times of trouble or for personal salvation. He gives peace not only in turbulent times but also guides your feet in to the “way of peace”. He will lead you to have a harmonious relationship with men and God. We need to understand the carnal mind (manifesting fleshly thoughts) will ruin our inner peace with god. Hence our thoughts should be pure and clean so our Peace with god will not be disturbed.  Let petitions and praise shape your worries in to prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you recognise it, a sense of Gods wonderful peace, will prevail over your mind (Philippians-4-5,6).

The Divine Favour: It is wonderful to know that the Lord wants to cascade his favour on you. He wants to demonstrate his compassion in your life. He will bless everyone who waits on him for his divine favour. When the Lord shows his favour up on you, you will be exalted from your current status to a man of high esteem.  If you are downhearted because of your sluggish progress cheer up, for the Favour of the Lord is coming up on you. The Lord always rejoices in giving the best to those who seek him. So dear friend God gives you a promise today, I am concerned for you and look on you with favour (Ps-102-13). The Lord will make you a fruit bearing branch in every dimension of your life (Genesis 49-22).

Eric Sundararaj

New Hope Ministries
(Tell the younger generation the message of New life in Christ)
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