I sought the LORD, …He delivered me from all my fears. – Ps 34:4 Fear is the main reason for Christians not reaching their true God given potential in today’s world. Fear of failure, fear of people, fear of demons, fear of gods or satan’s retribution, etc. As the corporate guy said, FEAR is nothing but, False Expectations Appearing Real. When a situation of fear appears most Christians try to work things out rather than seek God. When a child is sick, the first thing we do is call the doctor! Two examples that can get this point across to us clearly. In the first example, a couple in Italy lived an immoral life together, enjoying every day to the fullest with multiple relationships and wild partying. The day the news about AIDS came through to the media, this couple decided that their lifestyle would certainly get them AIDS and they both committed suicide together. The fear of getting AIDS led them to this extreme step.

In another case, a couple who lived a Godly life both lost their jobs within a few days of each other. Being firmly grounded in God’s word, they sought God for his answers and favors. Today both work as a couple in taking God’s message to the unreached and under-privileged. When we planned our first concert for integrating corporate professionals in Chennai under one roof, we were afraid as to whether corporate would turn up. Also, we made a commitment of one lakh rupees to a social service organization. God took away our fear as we prayed and as we neared the program, the money miraculously came in, we gave 1.6 lakh instead of one lakh and the concert was a huge success too.

The quality of your lifestyle depends on the fears you encounter and overcome. A Christian must only fear God out of reverence for him. Every other fear in the world, Jesus has overcome first and hence gives us strength to overcome too. Dear Lord Jesus, I pray that I am delivered from all types and sorts of fear. I believe that You will help me conquer all the fear in my life and truly become what You are chiseling me to be. Amen.


CCF acknowledges with Thanks to CIM (Christian Institute of Management) for allowing to republish this article by CCF core team member, which originally was published in Management Devotional 2014 of CIM.