God Does Not Slumber

Heard a moaning noise, when I got my sleep disturbed at 02:40AM on 18th June 2016. What I have seen in next minute made me to scream ‘Jesus!!! Help me out’…..

I have been deputed to the US for a long-term assignment as an IT – Portfolio manager with an offshore team in India.  Usually, if I go to sleep late after finishing offshore teleconference meetings (that is the nature of working in onshore-offshore model with many IT companies), I cannot easily wake up for next 5-6 hours unless the alarm buzzes repeatedly at high pitch or my wife or son awakes me in person.

On 18th June 2016, after finishing my long day with offshore teleconference meetings till 01:30 AM, I hit my bed with a small prayer as I was completely tired.  Suddenly, I heard a moaning noise at 02:40AM, the noise was very feeble but I woke up from my sleep, disturbed.  This was totally unusual for me to wake up in the wee hours only after hour of sleep when the body is completely stripped off energy. When I woke up and rushed to see the source of the moaning noise. What I saw made me to scream ‘Jesus!!! Help me’. My wife was unconscious in the restroom with her head struck in a narrow space in a corner of the room and I could not see her face. I tried to pull her out carefully as her head was found twisted. Somehow, I pulled her head out from that narrow space and made her to lie down flat on the floor.  By sprinkling water and giving her some to drink, I got her to a conscious state and then I made her to lie on the bed. Later I got to know that, 5-7 minutes back only this had happened and God woke me up in the wee hours by sending His angel.

First miracle was : The Lord who does not slumber, made me to wake up in the wee hour at the right time to hear the very feeble moaning noise and made me to attend critical medical situation

He will not allow your foot to be moved, He who keeps you will not slumber. Behold, He who keeps Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.  Psalms 121:3 & 4

As a basic first aid, I checked her blood pressure, it was very low in the range of 60-70 though she was taking medication for high blood pressure. She was found very weak and pale.  After 15-20 minutes of rest, I rushed to an emergency room in my locality.  As there was no doctor except some paramedics/nurses, they asked me to take her to nearest bigger hospital with all the facilities. I got admitted her in ICU at 04:00AM and all the blood tests were done. She was getting better and her blood pressure fluctuation was monitored.  After 45 min in the ICU, she wanted to use the restroom, I was helping her to walk towards the restroom and she was leaning on me.  After 2 minutes of slow walk within 15 meters, she lost her consciousness the 2nd time in my own hand and collapsed to the ground.  Bunch of nurses rushed to the spot and got her to the bed and connected her back to the monitors. What I had seen was really shocking as her blood pressure was very low in the range of 20-25.

The 2nd miracle was: my wife re-gained her blood pressure very fast from 20-25 to 60-70 in the next 20 minutes without any major medical complications.

After seeing the 2nd time recovery with blood pressure readings on the monitor, I realized the critical medical condition of my wife that she was undergoing during 1st time pass-out at home and she should have been carried only in ambulance. Thank God! It was His amazing strength that made her to come down from 1st floor to ground floor and walking up to car parking area by holding my hand.

Doctors could diagnose the problem very fast and had to undergo a treatment for with the best medication. Praise God! She was restored to normal blood pressure in the next 24 hours and was discharged from the ICU.  Within the next 2 months, she got back to normal health condition.  Amen! God is our healer and by His wounds we are healed!

Yes. Our God is our ever-present help at the time of troubles and He cares for us as our father and mother.

This is a testimony from an IT professional, who is working for a multi-national company and  resides in Houston, USA.

A Creative Miracle

A creative miracle – the story of Abraham Koshy
15th August, 2008 was not another Independence Day celebration in Chennai. It witnessed one of
the deadliest accidents in history when an express bus hit a young man from behind while riding
his two-wheeler on Chennai’s busy roads.
The bus tyres rolled over his body at a speed of 70-75 kmph with a full load of passengers.
“Despite the tons of weight that rolled over me, none of my bones….”
(Read on… as Abraham shares his story)


Dear All,
Let me share just one blessed testimony among a million that have happened in my life. A day, which became a tryst with destiny. I must say that this is a gist of what I have been through.
While riding my two wheeler to office on August 15th, 2008, I met with a deadly road accident in Chennai. An express bus (with close to 46 passengers) hit me from behind. Still I can recollect the banging sound. Due to the massive impact I lost balance and was thrashed down on the road from my two-wheeler. Within fraction of seconds the bus tires rolled over my body with the same speed it came (70-75 kmh).  The main road of Guindy, Chennai became a tragedy spot. I lay there on the road in a pool of blood. All the flesh in my legs got crushed. Everybody leaned and looked under the bus to see my “dead body.” The public summoned the police to remove the body from the road.
I was not dead, thank God. Only God knew that I was still alive! The pain that I have endured, dear friend you can’t dream or think of.
Here I must say that God sent His mighty power through His Holy Spirit. I have experienced it. Amazingly my eyes opened mildly, and with the help of my Saviour JESUS, I crawled from under the bus and came out. Despite severe pain God enabled me to stand up, holding the body of the bus seeking help.
I was fatally injured. I felt that it was the fag end of my life. Like a lightning, a series of thoughts started running in my mind. My parents, my brother,  sister, my wife, my ambitions, my career, my family, friends etc…
By that time all the muscles and flesh of my legs were literally on the road. What remained was just left overs of flesh covered with blood in my leg. All my senses faded on my way to the hospital. The doctors got confused on what to do to an injury of this sort that is so rare. Shockingly I noticed the stark reality, that my right leg was almost not there; other than left overs. The left leg had swollen up, but no sign of injury was visible.
However, when they cut open my left leg; it was in the same condition as my right. The little flesh and muscles which was left behind on both legs had to be removed to prevent further infection. They were confused whether to amputate my left leg or the right one or may be even both. The senior doctors who were there could not take a decision on what could be done. They strongly recommended my family that to help me survive, my legs needed to be amputated; chances of this were increasing hour by hour.
That moment I realized that the dollars and millions we may have in our back accounts will not even have the value of a toilet paper at times. Your power centers will just fail over here. Academic brilliance will stay out, friends and family can just wait outside the glass room where entry is restricted. You are alone, just alone.
Ask yourself, what if this day is the last day of your life? What will you do?
Each day in my life I believe that God will make ways where there seems to be no way. Yes! Let me tell you my brothers and sisters. It was my Lord who sent the best Surgeon (Dr. Shashi Bhushan Chief Surgeon to Apollo group of hospitals) at that time. Dr. Sashi, said to my wife after taking a look at my condition, “Look at this! This is a very bad and negative case that I have come across. I cannot give any guarantee to this. All I can do is, just give it a wild try without no hope. Do you want me to do it or not”?
Soji, my wife replied with agony “I want you to go ahead with the operation and not amputation in whatever ways you can, with your expertise”. Before the surgery she asked permission to come inside and see me to pray for me. Many were embarrassed to see that scene – a heart breaking scene.
My wife was all alone in the hospital because it was just 7AM in the morning. She signed all the papers trusting my Jesus. 


 Can you guess what happened then? As the writer of the Psalms says, “He protects all his bones, not one of them will be broken” Psalm 34:20 (the Bible)It happened to me!
Despite the tons of weight that rolled over me, none of my bones had a single fracture not even a scratch to my bones. (Let me help you recollect the weight of the bus and the added weight of a full load of passengers too.)
After my first surgery, my pain knew no limits. It was much more than an ordinary man could tolerate. I could have died on the road itself instead of this pain – I thought. My mind wandered for a mercy killing sort-of-feeling. Still! JESUS gave me the power to endure the pain with peace.
The doctors had no idea what would happen. I had to undergo two more surgeries. I was fed up with the pain and sufferings beyond compare. I was in the ICU on my birthday August 17th. The second surgery was on my first wedding anniversary, August 20th.
I underwent three surgeries and the doctor had come to do the dressings of my leg and give the dates for the next surgery. The doctors said I might require two more surgeries that are more critical. Let me share what my loving Father God did with his authority. From thenHe never allowed a surgical knife to be touched on my body.
MOREOVER, when the doctor removed the bandages of my legs, he was astonished. The doctor who had come to fix a date for my surgery told me that my wounds were healed and that I could wash my legs and stop wearing the bandages.
 The rest is a miracle/ legacy/history in medical field. The doctors said it would take 6 months for me to stand or walk properly. Let me share what JESUS did for me.
He made me lift my bed and walk on the 27th day! My surgeon said, “I am a professional surgeon for the last 27 yrs, but I have never come across a miracle like this”.
He told me this “Abraham, you survived only because you were in “His” palmsThis hospital has history of amputating limps even for just bicycle accidents. You are the one who got admitted with deadly injuries in the history of hospital itself, but you are first one who got healed and got discharged”. It was only because I was saved and accepted Christ as my personal Savior and had become one with Christ through baptism, that evil powers could not take my life away. My marriage with Christ, through baptism saved my life. Now I am his bride. He takes care of my needs. I just humble myself under his mighty arms. He just runs the shows for me.
Even though I was discharged from hospital, there was no movement in my left toes, not even a flicker. I could not lift my legs against gravity. Medical science calls it “foot drop.” Therefore, when I walked either I had to drag my leg or lift it high to make movement.
Let me tell you what my DIVINE HEALER did for me on the fasting prayer that Heavenly Feast conducted in Chennai. My foot drop started failing in front of His mighty hand. I am able to lift my toes against gravity.
Now I need not walk like a lame person.
Legs became much better, almost flexible as it was during my Kung-fu classes. The Lion of Judah is in everyone. Keep praying for others. Pray to make your life too a miracleMy hospital bills accounted in lakhs. Let me tell you – I never had anything with me. But my Lord showed
ways to clear everything in the ways which we could never dream of. Amen!
Right from the accident spot to the front of this laptop where I am typing this testimony for you, let me tell you brothers and sisters the happiness and the peace that Jesus has given in me is tremendous. I don’t have words to explain.
My God is a God of provision and success. This accident occurred after I switched my job and joined TCS may be just 3 months or so. Let me tell you Jesus opened doors of heaven to shower his blessings. When I was in the hospital bed, it was my Jesus who confirmed my employment with Tata Consultancy Services, TCS, Chennai.
From the level of ‘just an employee’ God blessed me with my dream role of a coach. He made me the most sought after Coach/ Trainer of the organisationChanging lives, touching lives, helping people to become the best in everything – this is has become my life today!
Universities, colleges, churches, organizations, departments queued for my dates to share the testimony of what God has done for me.
The surgeon said “you must not stand, fluid can form, swelling can develop, it can lead to anything”
BUT My Jesus HE makes me stand in front of thousands and thousands.
Day after day I am standing for program after program, stage after stage. I am compelled to stand by my passion and also in gratitude for what My God has done for me. I can’t sit in a corner of my room, I can’t be on my hospital bed any more. I can’t stop myself from sharing this Good news to you dear.
He made my ‘job’ into my life; I realized I had become a power generator by His Grace. Let me express my special thanks to Tata Consultancy Services, Chennai.
My special thanks to my family members and all the prayer warriors of Heavenly Feast. Pages are not enough for me to explain what my Lord has done for me. Flesh and blood reveal who HE is. He blessed be beyond compare. I just thank him for the overflowing blessing shall follow you!! Giving all the glory to my Savior Jesus!
Dear Friend,
May be today you are shattered, you are lost,
You are wounded, you are hopeless, or in pain.
You may have experienced emptiness at heart…
Despite all the riches you have, your life is full of death situations.
I have good news… God can speak life into your death situations; IF YOU BELIEVE. I bless everyone in the matchless name of Jesus.
God has made me a living testimony to this world.
May God bless you! Because HE lives, I can face tomorrow
-Abraham Koshy

Dengue Disappeared!!!

It was the month of August in 2013 and we at CCF were very busy in organizing for the 7 Habits programme. Just few days before the programme, my daughter was down with fever. We took her to the doctor and the regular antibiotics didn’t have any effect at all and the fever was hitting century every day!!!.

Then the doctor decided to take a blood test and going through that process itself is a tough thing, to see your little one being sucked off blood in multiple containers intended for various tests!!. It was purely by God’s grace that we came through that. With so many things happening around, it was too much!!!

The blood test result came in on 12th Aug and the 7 Habits programme was on 15th Aug. The blood test came with positive for Dengue. The white blood cell count was almost half of the lowest limit and platelet count on the lower side, but above the lower limit. I didn’t know what to do!!!

On the one side, seeing your little one suffer with fever and with the results like this, it was over my head. Sometimes, that is the time when you fully surrender to the Lord, when you cannot think of any alternatives??…..isn’t it.

Even though, the Lord wants us to hand over things to Him, right up, but many times, we keep trying, thinking, planning for things which we cannot do nothing about. And here was a situation, in which I can do nothing!!!.

I took the blood test result to the doctor and he saw it and advised rest and thank God, he didn’t talk about admitting her!!!. I was just clueless, blank. With the programme on one side, and family on the other side…I knew that it was my Lord’s grace, which can take me through. I promptly dropped a mail to Bro. Anand Pillai for prayers, he called me immediately and we prayed together.

I also informed my friends for prayer and there were so many questions on the platelet count, which was over my head and was just focusing on the Lord and the programme. We were just praying proclaiming His promise in Isaiah 53:5.

By God’s abundant grace, my daughter recovered very quickly and we (myself, my wife and sister-in-law) were able to attend the 7 Habits programme on 15th Aug without any concern!!!!

Praise God for His healing hand on my daughter!!!!…amazing are His ways!!!

After few days, when I went to the doctor to get the medical certificate, he was amazed himself saying, ‘didn’t we admit her, I had to admit many kids with Dengue during that time’.

Thank and Praise God that we didn’t have to admit her and she was fine before the programme and the programme also went on well by God’s grace and His hand was seen in very step.

As per Psalm 37:5, whatever may be your situation today – be it health issues or issues at the workplace, relationship issues, financial issues…’Commit it to the Lord’s hands and also trust in Him and He shall bring it to pass‘. Amen.

All Glory to Him!!! Praise God!!!.

Rajiv R G, CCF.

50 stitches on the head, cancerous tumor- healed by Jesus!!!

Greetings in the Name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am Daniel and I would like to share how God miraculously led me through the path of pain and suffering over the last few months. It is His pure Grace that I am living today with full strength.

It all started on 09th January 2014, when I had severe headache with vomiting and double vision in my left eye. I was rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with a tumor under the brain and just above the skull base pressing many vital nerves.

The tumor was 2.7*2.7*2.5 cms big. The tumor was pressing my optic nerve and it was also agonizingly close to the artery (Vein from heart – Blood supply to brain) that connected the left portion of the brain. It was also pressing the pituitary gland. If not treated it would have led to loss of vision, left side complete paralysis or even death.


Before Neuro Surgery Operation

I had to undergo an open skull Neurosurgery to decompress the artery by removing the tumor. The tumor couldn’t be removed completely because of its location. On 21st of January 2014, I underwent a 6 hours complicated, critical and high risk surgery at Fortis Hospital, Bangalore. My skull was opened and had 50 stitches in my head.

D250 Stitches after the operation

God strengthened me to face these tough situations. His strength was made perfect in my weakness. My family was totally shaken and shattered. My wife Aarthy was pregnant for 8 months and we couldn’t share much detail to her as we were expecting a baby very soon. God healed me so I returned back to normal condition very faster than expected. The Doctors and the nursed were amazed at my healing. I walked from bed the next day of my surgery. I was discharged on the 3rd day from my surgery. All glory to Jesus Christ.

After the surgery was done the removed tumor was sent for Biopsy and was found locally malignant and the results were told to us exactly on my birthday 31st of January 2014. I was asked to undergo radiation treatment by Dr. Chandran Gnanamuthu, Neurologist and Dr. Praharaj Singh S, Neurosurgeon.

I got admitted in BGS Global Hospitals, Bangalore. From the 10th of February 2014 to the 16th of February 2014 I underwent a radiation treatment of very high dosage of radiations for six fractions. Dr. Mathangi, Oncologist treated me. The equipment in which I was given treatment was called as Cyber Knife which emits X-rays and Cobalt rays. These rays are focused on the tumor from 200 directions. The tumor is burnt using these rays.


With Cyber Knife instrument poster

According to Malachi 4:2 – But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its rays. And you will go out and frolic like well-fed calves. The Lord rose as Righteous sun over me. I believe that the rays came from Him and He healed me.

After the treatment was over Dr. Mathangi told us that I was the first patient to cooperate so well and undergo this “Radio Surgery” successfully. All glory to Jesus. All the Doctors who treated me felt the hand of God with me. Dr. Chandran Gnanamuthu told “All praises to God”. Dr. Praharaj Singh S was so excited and shook my hands for 5 times and told me 3 times “It is God’s grace”. Dr. Paneerselvam my family Doctor told me “God is with you”. All glory to God that the world felt His presence through me. All the Doctors were amazed to see me so normal. My medicines were reduced rapidly. And during the First Check Up I was told I was completely normal. Also Dr. Praharaj Singh S told “The tumor is Benign – Non Cancerous”.


Outside the Radiation Room

I give all glory to Jesus who was with me and healed me. I believe the 2 months of January and February 2014 was a wonderful experience with God. He has blessed me and my dear wife Aarthy with a Boy baby – Benjamin on 25thof February 2014. All Glory, Honor and Praise are unto Jesus Christ”.

“No Doctors No Medicines No Huge Equipment or Instruments But Jesus Heals”

I would like to encourage my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ that no matter what happens in our lives, nothing is impossible with Our God.

A big Thank you to all the loved ones and dear ones who prayed fervently for me and the entire God sent angels who helped us. God bless you all!!!


Daniel works in a Tier 1 IT MNC in Chennai

Back for the Better

By V.Chacko Jacob

Praise the Lord. It has been a while since I wrote something to glorify God. I thought this would be a right time to do so as I have just shifted back to Chennai from Pondicherry.

The time at Pondicherry has been a blessed ride & I just wanted to tell you how… The Bible says in 2 Timothy 3:16&17, “16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:17 That the man of God may be perfect thoroughly furnished unto all good works” .

Yeah! That’s exactly what I wanted to tell you all. In Pondicherry I definitely grew in my career as I held a position only next to the top management of my company but above all, I grew in the word of God. I was in a church blessed by a young & blessed teacher of the word of God. He is 27years old, Pas.Steve Asir, the pastor of Halluejah AG Church English congregation. Through him, I was blessed to do many programs that would be the envy of many bigger churches. We did rock concerts, seminars, conferences, workshops, large scale dramas; name it, “we did it all”, for Jesus in the 3 years that I was at Pondicherry. I was also blessed to substitute for Pas.Steve in a few places as a preacher of God’s word. I just repeated in my style what he preached in the morning sermon in the afternoon/evening services. I was so blessed by the word at Pondicherry that I am writing a personal book titled “The 100 sermons by Pas.Steve Asir that touched me”

I was not only encouraged by the word, the word also yielded fruit in my life. I undertook my first overseas mission trip to Sri Lanka from Pondicherry. In my work place, where I was employed for the first 2 years in Pondicherry (until suddenly retrenched), I have left a permanent mark. Most people say till today that “Chacko came & made this factory a much safer place to work in”. Praise God, that is what we need right? As a Christian in a Corporate, our deeds have to speak loud enough to match our faith & thus glorify God.

I had to continue in Pondicherry for one more year due to my son’s educational needs. I had no job but God miraculously opened avenues for me as a freelance trainer. Every month, God gave me whatever business that I needed to lead my life as a good witness for him. In every CCF prayer bridge, my brothers prayed for my career & God answered them & me faithfully. The month, in which I was shifting to Chennai, I had my best month, 21 days of training, enough money to enable a smooth shifting back to Chennai.

Now, that I am here…. Am I back for the better?  All I know is, God knows. As I write this article, I am being considered for the post of Director – Growth & Development in a secular forum called JCI (Junior Chamber International), which is an honour (even though it’s for one of the local chapters created for trainers). I attended 2 meetings & they are considering me for this position. What did they see in me in 2 meetings? God knows. As I write this article, I am also finalizing my next job with a training company in Chennai, that’s part of one of the leading industrial houses in India. I am getting an opportunity to build a business with the backing of a strong corporate house. Had I got this opportunity 3 years ago, it would have been great. But, God knows the right time to open the right door. Maybe He felt, I had to become stronger in the Word. Maybe He wanted me to have the experience of doing different type of programs before I got this opportunity. I don’t know, God knows.

I know, it is a tough ask at times to trust God when things are not going fine, but trust me; if things are working out good for me then so will it work out for you. Just keep your faith & trust in God.

My dear friends, I just want to conclude by saying that there are times in our lives when everything seems out of our control. Don’t worry… God is in control. Even if you don’t know what you are doing, He knows what He is doing with his child … and, everything He does is always for the better. The Bible says in Proverbs 16:9, “ A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps” . The Lord our God always directs our steps for the better, so that you may be lifted up & through your witness, He will be lifted up among all men. God Bless You.