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God Withholds No Good from You

…those who seek the LORD lack no good thing - Ps 34:10 Many popular preachers of today are those who teach people on prosperity. Those ministries that teach on prosperity are growing at a fast rate. The logic is simple, as a person, who would not want to hear that God...

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Do Not Fear

I sought the LORD, …He delivered me from all my fears. - Ps 34:4 Fear is the main reason for Christians not reaching their true God given potential in today’s world. Fear of failure, fear of people, fear of demons, fear of gods or satan’s retribution, etc. As the...

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Lifestyle of Praise

I will exalt the LORD at all times; His praise will always be on my lips - Ps 34:1 King David practiced what he wrote. In every situation, good or bad, he praised God. When he was in trouble, he praised God. When he won, he praised God. That is why God called him a...

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Because God Said

And God said, “Let there be light,“ and there was light - Gen 1: 3 One of the most misused words of today is, “God Said”. Many preachers and teachers use this word to instill a feeling of awe or fear among their followers. Some have misused this very word to extreme...

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A Race Worth Running

“…what must I do to inherit eternal life?” - Mk 10: 17 The world we live in today is on big mega race. Everyone is in a mad race to win the race of life. I call it a mad race because several people go mad in order to win the race of life. On one end, we have a person...

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The Price of Decisions

She  caught  him  by  the  cloak  and  said,  “Come  to  bed  with me!” - Gen 39:12 If someone had to take a tough decision, it was Joseph. As the incident mentioned in today’s Bible passage explains, Joseph took a decision to flee from doing evil rather than...

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