He was signed by Real Madrid for 60 million Euros!!!, he plays for Brasil. He is one of the fearsome forwards of the current football world…yes, I’m talking of Kaka. The magnificent player from Brasil. I have seen and loved Brazilian football since the 80s and they are my favourite football team. I have seen them win 2 world cups and many more laurels. But what I saw in their last world cup victory, made me stand up and take notice of their testimony @ work.

After their victory, many took off their jerseys and they had these words ‘ I belong to Jesus’. They knelt and prayed on the field, they worshipped on the field. The same thing happened in their recent confederations cup final win. They prayed on the field, worshipped on the field with billions watching around the world!!!. What a testimony at work. Do we need to say more?.

After the match, in the interview on the field, Brazilian skipper Lucio said something in his native language pointing the words on his T shirt, which read ‘I Love Jesus’.

Are we able to be as a testimony like this in our work place?. It is not necessary that we need to wear such T Shirts to our workplace and only they can communicate our testimony. It is about what our life communicates about Jesus to others. Are we true to what the Lord wants us to practice in the work place?. It is not enough to be holy on Sundays, we need to live it right through our work and be a testimony in all that we do at the work place.

We have a mission at our work place. We are there for a purpose. That is our mission field. We are in a place where the church cannot come in. We are in front of people, who may not know Jesus and will not come to any gospel meeting. You take a deeper look and everyone is in need. Do they know the truth?. The truth which will set them free as per John 8:32.

Do you pray for people whom you come across in your work place and do you look for a chance to share the gospel with them?.Doesn’t your way of life make them question and there by provide you an opportunity to share the gospel?. Please have a look at your life and have a check whether you are reflecting Christ in all that you do at the workplace.

Your life may be the only Bible others get to read

(The Author is a Manager with one of the software MNCs in Chennai – he can be contacted through the Editor (CCF) – editor@ccf.org.in )