A Race Worth Running

“…what must I do to inherit eternal life?” – Mk 10: 17 The world we live in today is on big mega race. Everyone is in a mad race to win the race of life. I call it a mad race because several people go mad in order to win the race of life.

On one end, we have a person committing suicide due to fear of failure. On the other, we have a person committing suicide a week after his life’s biggest success. If this is not madness, what is it?

The youth in today’s verse is at least trying to run the right race. He is seeking eternal life from Jesus. Today, nobody is bothered about eternity. If someone can get rich instantly committing a crime (without getting caught), then so be it.

I came across a testimony of a businessman, who said that, he struggles with avoiding bribe. He says, paying bribe is easy but fighting the system is tough. He said that he chooses to fight the system because he knows the fight will be rewarded in eternity.

The young man in today’s reading preferred his wealth to eternity. Jesus teaches us that, if we seek first the Kingdom of God, you will win the heavenly race and also the race here on earth.

Often people question me as to why I do not train on Sundays. They tell me that you are missing out of a good business deal. I reply, ‘I may miss a deal but I win the greater heavenly deal by going to Church on Sunday’. I want to win the race of becoming the best corporate trainer in India and the world but, I also surely want to win the race to get to heaven.

The quality of the life you live depends on the race you run.

Which race are you running?

Let us run the race to be like Jesus in everything.

Dear Lord, help me to run the race You want me to run. Help me to run after things of the Kingdom that will never perish rather than things of this world which will surely perish. Help me win the race to be with You in heaven forever. Amen.


CCF acknowledges with Thanks to CIM (Christian Institute of Management) for allowing to republish this article by CCF core team member, which originally was published in Management Devotional 2014 of CIM.