Door of Blessing

See I placed before you an open door that no one can shut – Revelation: 3:8

The most reassuring part of this promise is no one can shut the door opened by the Lord for you. It is yours only and adversary cannot take it from you. Let me share with you two doors of blessings.

Hosea 2:15, I will make the valley of trouble to door of Hope: against all hope, Abraham in hope believed and so he became the father of many. Though he received the promise when he was 75 years but received the child when he was 100 years. In this gap of 25 years he must have praised God for the child God had promised. In his 80 years he would praise God for the promised son is 5 years old, like wise till he was granted the promise. Did God promise you something and the passage of time is testing your faith and patience? Keep praising the Lord on his word of promise. Trust and wait on the Lord, he will bless you in double measure. Read Hebrews 6:15.

1 Corinthians 16:9, because a great door of effective work is opened for me:  If you read Psalm 71:19, 21. My God will do great and mighty things. This the hope David had. V21, you have done great things. Who is like you God? He will increase your greatness and honour you. You need not go seeking greatness but God is one who will make you great. When God desires to make you great nobody can stop it. That is the experience of greatness from heaven.2Kings 3:17, The Lord says you will see neither wind nor rain, yet this valley will be filled with water and your cattle and other animals will drink. What does this mean to you? God will bring success or resources from an unexpected source. You will be amazed.

Therefore boldly confess the promise of God and praise him for he is able, so that you will enjoy health, riches, peace and success in all you do in the year 2014.  God bless you.

Eric Sundararaj
New Hope Ministries
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