Daily Thought – Living a life acceptable to God

Word: Finding out what is acceptable to the Lord. Ephesians 5:10.

Thought: In the business of our everyday lives, do we examine every moment to ensure what we are doing is acceptable in the sight of the Lord? Paul, here talks about the children of light which we call ourselves today as we have been lifted by Him from our darkness and put on to the light. As we walk in the light, the path is clear and the spirit helps us discern between the right and the wrong and we know the moment we did something wrong or prompted to do wrong, but are we giving heed and finding out if what we do is acceptable in the sight of the Lord. We want to  attain many GOOD things in our lives, but do we find out what is GOOD in our sight is ACCEPTABLE and PLEASING to God. It might be a change of job, it might be our marriage, it might be a new beginning and it might be even in ministry – are we doing what is acceptable and pleasing to God or what we found as good in our eyes. Many a times we want God to match our expectations and make Him acceptable what we feel is good, but let us always place it at His feet and move our feet only when we find it is acceptable in His sight. As children of light, when we place the whole plan of the new initiative in front of the light in the spirit God could show us clearly where it will go wrong or correct and why we should or should not do it. Let us find out in whatever we do every moment – big or small – is what I am doing acceptable to the Lord and then proceed in doing it and if the spirit says it is not, let us learn to obey and stay away from it, though we feel good about it.

Prayer: Dear Lord, as a child of light, help me obey your word and do always what is acceptable in thy sight. Help me to understand what is pleasing in your sight and let me feel good about doing things which is only pleasing and acceptable to you. Amen.